Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Much needed update!

Wow it has been a while. Lets see, birthdays, a couple visitors, vacation, end of school, husband starts MBA, and oh baby #4 in the oven! That about sums up the last few months. My three boys can keep me super busy and then the pregnancy I am completly worn out. So sorry I haven't updated.
Right now my baby is sleeping and sick and the older two are watching a movie because Noble threw up this morning so we are taking an easy day. They do seem to slow down a tiny bit when sick. This slow down mind you makes them equal to the average kids activity. My crazy boys are so full of energy it is ridiculous!

I thought today I would post a bunch of pictures since thats mostly what people want to see is the growing boys.

This picture is grandpa White welding onto the playground. We wanted it safer and slightly bigger for the boys. So Brady's parents came down and his dad helped work on the playground. Thanks grandpa. The boys still love their pirate ship!
While they were visiting we went to a nature walk and got to see ducks and a few other wildlife. Grandma loved holding baby Erik. We loved having them come visit. The boys had a lot of fun.Erik had his first birthday in April. This cupcake design I stole from my sister-in-law. It is in the shape of a 1 if you couldn't tell. We had some friends over to enjoy some cupcakes and play on our new awesome playground. Mostly I just didn't want a ton of cupcakes left over!Happy Birthday Boy! Don't worry he got messier.In April we went to the Kite Festival here in St George. The boys got to rise this little train thing and they loved it.Here's another brother picture I love. This is when they were easter egg hunting in our backyard. They had to go together and help eachother find them. Then they split the booty. They can be such best friends sometimes. Glad I captured this moment.Our next visitors were my brother and his family and my parents. This visit was kind of a bust thanks to 2 days of rain and then the stomach flu ripping thru my house. But hey the boys still loved seeing family. Here's Erik, what a smile!
Grandpa Waite really enjoyed playing with his grandkids.

For Memorial weekend we went to Phoenix to see Brady's sister and her family. Their new little girl was blessed. This picture is of the boy cousins. They had lots of fun.Here's everyone who was at the baby blessing.This is dad putting bows in Erik's hair. Just to prove a point that his hair is too long. I did trim it up this last weekend so he looks like a big boy now. I think Erik's face pretty much sums up how he felt about this bow business!This has got to be the best picture of Noble the entire trip. We stopped in Kingman, AZ on the the way there and back. They had a big train at the park that the boys enjoyed playing on.

Did I mention the coal powered train was humungous?

On our way home we stopped at Hover Dam. The dam was cool but seeing the new bridge was just as impressive. It does shave off quite a bit of time instead of traveling directly over the dam.

Some random picture of my cute boys.

We will find out next week what gender baby #4 is. I am just hoping healthy with no real prefernce to gender at this time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picture update

We have been busy with life and it has been good. I thought since there hasn't been an update for a while I'd at least post some pictures of what we have been up to.

This is a picture of the Superman pizza I made for Noble's birthday. Funny that this kid kept insisting on a Superman birthday since the only reason he knows who Superman is is because he has a jacket with the symbol on it. He has never seen the show or anything. Despite this I made him happy and made a superman pizza.
This was taken last weekend. There was a free national park day so we went to Zion's. This was taken at the trail of Temple Siniwava. It was fun.

This is my cutie Erik. He is such a happy kid.

This is another one of my cuites. This snow ball ended up down my jacket all for the sacrifice of a good picture! The boys had so much fun playing in the snow.

These are my boys hanging out at the airport muesum.

My oldest cutie. He had lots of fun looking at all the buttons inside the plane.

I just love this picture. It was cold and windy and he was still smiling. This kid just loves to ham it up for the camera.