Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life keeps going

So this time I have pictures that will hopefully tell the story of what we have been up to.
This picture was taken last Sunday. What is amazing is he is 6 months old wearing a 24 month old outfit. Can you say big kid? It was a tad big but not really much at all. He is such a cutie! This picture was taken on a hike we attempted recently. I say attempted cause we didn't get anywhere near the arch we were supposed to be hiking to. I lost my patience when it took us an hour to go almost a mile. And Brady didn't have an exact amount of how much longer the hike was, and the last time that happened I wasn't happy. So we didn't go far but our boys had fun finding lizards and getting sticks. Hopefully we'll find some short but fun safe hikes we can go on soon.

And of course the faily home evening of pumpkin carving. These are really Brady's creations but the kids help tell him what they want. We got small pumpkins this year cause we let the kids pick out their pumpkins and they could only get ones they could pick up. I love these boys, they were so funny gutting these pumpkins.
Then there is the halloween costumes. We were the Incredibles (minus Violet plus an extra Dash). I really don't like halloween so the costume idea was Brady's and he helped me get them together. I have no motivation to get the costumes done so they took a while. Just so you know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, food! Anyways, the kids had fun dressing up and saying "trick or treat". We only went to our church's trunk or treat cause we don't feel our kids need so much candy. They got plenty in the parking lot. Oh and in this picture I look taller than Brady but that was just because I was wearing my black boots.

And last but definelty not least is the Dixie State football game. They actually won this game so that made it even more fun. The boys loved the game. I loved trying to do a play by play for the boys so they understood what was going on. Now they 'tackle' eachother all the time. Which is really what they did before but now they have a name for it! This Friday we are going to a Dixie State basketball game. I am excited for that too. They will love it!

That is pretty much it for us. Life is great. I am trying to get christmas presents together now and enjoying that. I love this time of year because it is all about being thankful and giving things to others. Not that I don't try to do this on a daily basis I think it is nice though to have a special time of year for it too.
And to start the season I'll tell you a few things I am thankful for. I am thankful for my family and their health. I am thankful for my husbands job and our home. And I am especially thankful for my testimony of Jesus Christ which gives me strength on hard days. There is much more to be thankful but these our definetly my biggest things. Hope everyone out there is doing great.


Caranna said...

I love pictures! Thanks for sharing your recent adventures - your boys are all getting so big, and extra cute - that baby of your - oh my he's a cutie!!

Mel said...

You're looking SO GOOD!!! As far as Thanksgiving being your fav holiday...NICE! hehe...yum yum yum. hehe. I hope you have a great time w/ the fam.