Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This summer we have tried to keep busy. AJ was in summer school until the end of July so that kept him busy. I had to can peaches apricots and plums. We have lots of jam, frozen fruit and some dried fruit. The fruit leather I made was also a big hit.
We went on a trip to my grandmothers memorial in Montana in June. It was really nice to see family I haven't seen in a long time. It was also really nice to talk about all the wonderful things my grandmother did and passed on. In July we went to Lake Powell and spent the weekend with my cousins on a house boat. My boys had lots of fun. Noble liked the water more than AJ but they both were still a little scared of not being able to touch the bottom. I am definetly okay with that, made it a little less worrisome of them jumping off the back. I really enjoyed Lake Powell. It was a very much needed vacation away from everything.
We then came home for three days and were off to Brady's 10 year reunion in Preston. He enjoyed seeing friends from high school. It was also rodeo weekend so he took the boys to the rodeo one day and had fun. They stayed to watch the mutin bustin which our nephew was in. The last day we were there we went to the rodeo parade. We sat in the street to watch it and when it was over the cops didn't give us any time to get out of the street. I was trying to help clean up stuff and get kids out and cars were going by the whole time, very annoying. In all of this AJ snuck off somewhere and we lost him for 15 mins or so. Those have been the longest 15 mins of my life. I am just glad I have an awesome nephew who stayed where we were on the corner and happened to see him and grabed him. So we now have all our children safe at home for the rest of the summer. No more vacations, just visitors. My grandmother comes next week and then after she leaves my brother-in-law from germany comes for a week. We are excited to see everyone.
I am doing okay with 3 kids. We just don't go out much these days cause of the heat which is driving us all crazy but soon it will cool down. Until then we will stay inside driving eachother crazy but staying cool.
I am going to try and update more often but updating with kids running around is stightly difficult. I am done with all the fruit for now. Finished my last 2 batches of jam last night. On to making skirts.


Anonymous said...

Your putting your boys in skirts! I'm not sure dad will like that. :)

Will and Heidi said...

It was great to see you guys in Preston!

Mel said...

Busy indeed! Good luck w/ the skirts!!

Rachel G said...

We really wanted to make it to Del's ten year reunion too!! but we couldn't, since we were right in the middle of moving.