Monday, March 22, 2010

Tired of it all! (warning ventint)

So this is a venting session. I have read lots of peoples agruments to this healthcare bill that past. I can't say I am all for everything in it but I am definitly not against some of the ideas.
The first thing that makes me laugh all the time is that people keep saying they don't want to be forced to buy health insurance. Now I agree that it should be affordable but to say that you don't need it and you should be given the choice... Let me ask you this, do you have car insurance? Were you given that option? Do you really want to be without that car insurance when some underinsured or uninsured driver hits you? The answer would be no. So why do you feel so compelled to agrue that it is unconstitutional to be told to buy health insurance? Which leads me to my next point. Other people then say that their money shouldn't be going to help the poor pay for their health insurance. They think this is socialist. Let me tell you something you may not know, you are ALREADY paying their bill. Hello people, they can't afford healthcare thus they don't pay their bill and costs go up. See the problem. We already do this, nothing new in this healthcare bill just it would come out of taxes instead of increasing all our medical expenses everyyear.
Last thing I promise. How come all these people who are complaining about all this and saying they'll never have government in their life will be lined up to get medicare in their old age? Do they not realize this is socialized medicine for the old people? I am sure I can agrue more but I have a show on tv I want to watch!
Anyways, just wanted some people to get a different view. How healthcare system sucks. And yes maybe some people would have to wait in line but the other side of the argument might be that right now plenty of people don't get the care they need cause they get turned down due to lack of insurance or even that they are not in network (don't get me started on insurance companies).
The silver lining to this healthcare bill being passed is that it keeps the talks going. I don't agree with everything in it. Yet I do think that you have to start somewhere and if it did get shot down this last week then it would have more than likely ended there and more people would continue to suffer.
I hope this just gives a different perspective to some. Okay I am done. Love Everyone.