Friday, February 19, 2010

fun kids

Our boys have been really fun lately. Yesterday we took them swimming. Brady swam with them while I sat out and watched, I was a bit to tired and pregnant to be running around the kiddie zone. Anyways, it was quit fun to watch them. Noble discovered the slide too. Before he usually would climb the stairs look down and climb back down. Yesterday he finally went down and had the biggest smile on his face. After that I think he spent most his time on the slide, ind you this is a little kiddie slide. AJ loves the water but seems to not like having his face under water where Noble is totally unphased by being immersed. They played for over an hour and then getting them out what soooo much fun! AJ was tired and worn out and had a complete melt down when we drug him out. The bright side is when they went to bed there was no argument and we didn't hear a peep from them after Brady left the room.
In other news AJ has been taking the bus and loves it. He actually carries his backpack around for a half hour before the bus comes just to make sure he is ready. He is growing up so fast. His 4th birthday is next week. And in that growing topic, he has outgrown most his shoes. Poor kid keeps saying oww on his way to church cause his shoes are too tight and his toes hang over his sandles. He's probably in a size 13 or 1, which is crazy for a 4 yr old. Oh well, the joys of big boys!
Noble is growing up all the time. He speaks in complete sentences all the time and eighty percent of the time it is completely understandable. He also seems to be looking more like a toddler and less like a baby all the time. He is a cutie, but he also likes to show his terrible twos sometimes too. He still hasn't accepted that he will not be the baby soon. We are giving him plenty of warning so he'll just have to deal with Erik when he comes.
On that note, Erik continues to grow. I am about 32 weeks. I am so looking forward to not being pregnant anymore, and having a cute little baby.
Brady has officially started our vegetable garden. He put a fence up last weekend and planted one more grapevine so that we have two. He also finished painting the baby's dresser it just needs to be moved inside now.
Nothing else really going on here. Just trying to prepare for the baby. If I can just keep my house somewhat clean before the baby comes that would be good enough for me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The last days of 2 kids

In the back is Noble.

So I am now 29 1/2 weeks. Erik is quickly approaching his time to enter our family. While we await his arrival, we have tried to keep busy while we only have two kids. Last weekend we went to Provo to have a get together with some of Brady's mission buddies. He had fun. Nothing like reminicing about all the silly things you did for 2 years. On our way back home we stopped in Cove Fort to build a snowman. AJ has been learning about what you wear in the winter and what a snowman looks like in school. So we had to stop and build a snowman while there was still snow. The boys all had fun, but I think they were glad to get back home where it is warm, especially Noble my hates cold boy.

I have been nesting, a wonderful part of pregnancy. Today I made a double batch of split pea soup and plan on freezing half of it so that we'll have a meal to eat after the babies born. I have a few other recipes lined up for being made and then frozen. This way I'll hopefully have a weeks worth of meals prepared for my family. They really like to eat so I am trying to make sure their happy while I adjust to being completly outnumbered!

The pregnancy is going well. I had a little scare yesterday. I was having timed contractions, or at least they were similar to contractions I had with one of the other boys. I went in and everything was fine. I just probably had some other things going on inside. I did feel better this morning so that is always a good sign. Erik gets bigger all the time and loves to stick his foot under my stomach which gives me bad heartburn. This little guy seems like he'll be born as tall as his brothers at least. He can have his head down as low as it will go and a foot pressing well into a rib, wonderful feeling.

AJ and Noble are doing well. Keeping me going crazy. They have recently lost a bunch of toys due to mom putting her foot down and making them learn to clean up. They don't clean up, we pack up more toys they left out. They are learning all the time and do cute things too. They love to wrestle though I don't' know if it is fair cause Noble, small kid, always ends up on the bottom. I guess someday he'll grow big enough to have a chance.

Brady is loving his job still. He has been riding his bike to work alot lately. Mostly to save on gas and money, but also because he wants to stay in shape. Since he sits behind a desk most the day a good bike ride is probably his best way to fi in exercise.

Well, that is us in a nutshell. We are just trying to get things organized and done before the baby comes.