Monday, January 4, 2010

Been way to long!

Well, here we are in a new year. I really have been slacking. Life got busy and then sicky,so here I am. We got a laptop and a router so now I can watch my kids while on the computer. This will hopefully make my life easier.
So to back track a little, we found out we are having another boy. So 3 boys, yeah!! I honestly had a hard time the first day but now I am excited to have another boy. His name will be Erik Brady White. Yes that is with a 'K'. It is the Swedish spelling, and since it is family name must keep it real. Brady just finished the baby's room. We painted it and finished the spots that didn't have molding. He borrowed some tools and now Brady is petitioning for more tools! The manly man toys!
We had Thanksgiving here at our house this year. There were 8 kids five and under running around. I think I might wait to do this again when kids are older! We did have fun though. The weather was nice to we got to go out alot and run the kids' energy off. This is a big plus for living in St George, Love IT. At the end AJ and Noble were ready to have mom and dad back. We hadn't realized how little one on one time we had with them until everyone was gone. The kids loved having us back! Nice to know they love us.
Next was Christmas. Most years I am on top of gifts and have them mostly done by Thanksgiving. This year all my focus was on making sure thanksgiving went well. So I spent the next 2 weeks getting presents done. I made Noble a crocheted dinosaur and AJ a cowboy vest. AJ and I got a pretty bad cold around this time too. We had fevers and felt nasty for a few days.
This year I decided to start a tradition in honor of my Grandmother Graham. She passed away the Saturday before Thanksgiving. She used to make a ton of cookies and not just one kind lots of different ones. So I did this and then gave them away to our neighbors and friends. It was fun and I am positive we'll do this next year. I won't be pregnant so it will be even easier!
Oh on Christmas I didn't feel good so by the next day I decided to go to instacare. Found out I had strep throat. Merry Christmas to me! I got worse before I got better which was no fun. Oh well, I feel better now.So to new years. Brady's sister and family came thru and stayed New years eve. We had fun with fondue and pinochle.
That brings us to last Friday when Noble started puking. Only my kid would be puking and running around at the same time. I ran out of the room so I wouldn't puke but Brady said he kept puking until he slipped on it. He puked until about 3am Saturday morning. He wouldn't keep water down. But he woke up at 8am the next morning bouncing around acting as if nothing happened. I slept in till 10 thanks to my husband since I was up till 3. Then Saturday night AJ decided to join in. And then there was me at 4am Sunday morning. Brady luckily never did fully join us though he never felt really good. Needless to say we stayed home from church the first Sunday of the year.
Well, hopefully we are done with the sickies. AJ starts school on Wednesday. Hopefully he won't bring anything home. He is really excited to go back to school. He is going to a different place this time, one closer to our house. Hopefully he'll be okay with it. Let's see, I am 25 weeks and rolling into the 3rd trimester. All down hill from here and so much to do before the baby comes.
Hope everyones year starts off great.
Pitctures will come later. Sorry.


Will and Heidi said...

The puking sounds gross, but hopefully it is all over. Exciting news and congrats on the new baby coming!

Mel said...

Hooray for an update...I kept looking for one. hehe UGH on the sickness hopefully the rest of this year will be kinder to you and your family.

Great name for the lil guy, he'll be a wonderful addition to the family. My GMA had 3 boys and then 3 girls, she thought it was kinda nice having them paired like that.

25wks already..sheesh time does fly for the one who isnt prego. hehe. I wish the rest of the pregnancy to go well.

Marianne said...

Erik with a k is a great name!