Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life keeps going

So this time I have pictures that will hopefully tell the story of what we have been up to.
This picture was taken last Sunday. What is amazing is he is 6 months old wearing a 24 month old outfit. Can you say big kid? It was a tad big but not really much at all. He is such a cutie! This picture was taken on a hike we attempted recently. I say attempted cause we didn't get anywhere near the arch we were supposed to be hiking to. I lost my patience when it took us an hour to go almost a mile. And Brady didn't have an exact amount of how much longer the hike was, and the last time that happened I wasn't happy. So we didn't go far but our boys had fun finding lizards and getting sticks. Hopefully we'll find some short but fun safe hikes we can go on soon.

And of course the faily home evening of pumpkin carving. These are really Brady's creations but the kids help tell him what they want. We got small pumpkins this year cause we let the kids pick out their pumpkins and they could only get ones they could pick up. I love these boys, they were so funny gutting these pumpkins.
Then there is the halloween costumes. We were the Incredibles (minus Violet plus an extra Dash). I really don't like halloween so the costume idea was Brady's and he helped me get them together. I have no motivation to get the costumes done so they took a while. Just so you know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, food! Anyways, the kids had fun dressing up and saying "trick or treat". We only went to our church's trunk or treat cause we don't feel our kids need so much candy. They got plenty in the parking lot. Oh and in this picture I look taller than Brady but that was just because I was wearing my black boots.

And last but definelty not least is the Dixie State football game. They actually won this game so that made it even more fun. The boys loved the game. I loved trying to do a play by play for the boys so they understood what was going on. Now they 'tackle' eachother all the time. Which is really what they did before but now they have a name for it! This Friday we are going to a Dixie State basketball game. I am excited for that too. They will love it!

That is pretty much it for us. Life is great. I am trying to get christmas presents together now and enjoying that. I love this time of year because it is all about being thankful and giving things to others. Not that I don't try to do this on a daily basis I think it is nice though to have a special time of year for it too.
And to start the season I'll tell you a few things I am thankful for. I am thankful for my family and their health. I am thankful for my husbands job and our home. And I am especially thankful for my testimony of Jesus Christ which gives me strength on hard days. There is much more to be thankful but these our definetly my biggest things. Hope everyone out there is doing great.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Life!

I haven't updated for a long time because sometimes I don't feel like my life is exciting enough to post about. But today I figure it might help to lift my spirits.
Life has been good in our house just busy. The boys seem to lately be able to terrioze my house in mere seconds. I left the room to feed the baby and I came back to find an almost finished crocheted washcloth completly undone and all the yarn taken aff its spool. This was all done in just a couple minutes, ahhh! But the kids still survive.
AJ has been doing well lately. He is back in school and loving it though not wanting to ride the bus anymore. He seems to still have a bit of seperation anxiety which started this past summer. At least he is still willing to go to school. He is pretty well potty trained. Not at night though and I haven't really worked on that so we still use "night time underwear". He is such a big help to for mom when he wants to be. He can get stuff for himself and Noble and he really loves the praise of helping. I think he is starting to "grow out of" some of his behaviors. I am learning that his ASD may never really go away so much as he learns to function with it among others so that it isn't as obvious he has a problem. For instance instead of running of and freaking out at parades, when the sirens ont he police and firetrucks were going off, this summer he did better if he was sitting down. He was able to relax. And it did help that I warned him and told it was okay to grab my hand and leave if he needed to but he never did and relaxed thru it. He still quotes movie lines when he is a little unsure about a social situation but the lines seem more appropriate for the situation than random. Sounds weird but a step forward and to be honest I don't mind if he keeps this behavior a bit because it makes me laugh all the time. I can be mad one second and the next not able to keep a straight face because he has me laughing so hard. I love this kid. He is one special kid.
Noble, the 2 year old. What else can I say?! This kid has way too much Waite blood running thru him. He is fearless, defiant, and stubborn. And if you know a Waite, this pretty much sums them up. He will be an adrenilaine junkie, this I am sure of. I was but calmed a bit down as I got older but still need that rush occasionally (which does happen enough when kids get lost so I actually don't do much to bring it on anymore!). He likes to say "never" to everything you say. Not just "no" but "never". And he is stubborn, he really would mean never if it wasn't for the power of mom counting and following thru. He understands that at least and will bend to the counting. Evil mom I know! Recently he ran in the house to tell me his 'bike engine' was broke. It took me a while to figure out what he was saying cause it made no sense at all. So I followed him outside and just smiled and said 'ok'. And then he went off on how he needed a toll to fix it so he got a stick and went to work tapping around on it. Next thing ya know his 'bike engine' works! And he was off again riding around. He is also the one usually banging the play hammer on walls, and when you ask him what he's doing he tells you he's "fixing it". Soon he'll get tough enough so we will have to fix it so until then I enjoy watching him be like his daddy. Oh and just for the record I have more than once apoligized to my parents for the terror I inflicted upon them, in some small way hoping they will lift this curse of me having a child just like me! The curse has yet to have been lifted and I continue to fear the teenage years with this one. I do love him just some days it takes a bit of chanting and extra effort.
Erik, the adorable chunky baby. He is the cutest kid in the entire world right now. And yes I mean he is way cuter than all of your kids, no offense. I am a bit biased but he has the right balance of chunkyness, length, and chubby cheeks. This kid smiles at everything, laughs for almost anyone, and really only cries to be feed. I can't get enough of him. Today I have been kinda blue and this kid seemed to pull me out of it a bit with his smiles and laughs. I just soaked them up knowing soon he would be out in the sand box getting all dirty like his brothers and weilding sticks like they're swords. He can roll around and gets to what he wants on the floor pretty well. He also recently started saying 'mama'. He's been saying baba for a while but just started saying mama and it makes my heart melt every time. I love my baby. This is definitly my favorite stage, just learning how to talk and not mobile. Nothing better.
Brady is doing good. I have two funny stories about him. First of all I made him go to the doctor to do just a check up since he hadn't done one since his mission. Maybe it sounds silly but I would rather know my husband is healthy than die on me for something easily preventable. SO anyways, he had to have some blood drawn and needed to fast for it too. I am sure you see where this is going but let me add one more thing. He decided to ride his bike into work that morning before having his blood drawn while fasting. See a problem? While sticking him with a needle they had a hard time trying to find his vain, which we learned was probably because he was dehydrated not knowing he could drink water while fasting. They were poking around which he said hurt pretty bad and the next thing he knew he had a ton of people around him calling his name. Yes he passed out! I do feel bad for him cause I saw him a few hours later and he looked awful. Me, I would have come home and rested after that but Brady, he went to work and kept moving. I did get him some candy and he had some peanuts so this helped him alot. The next thing is really funny. He was riding his bike home the other day and slowed down to a stop and turned without stopping so that he would not loose momentum. The street he was turning onto had a wide shoulder and he thought it was fine. Next thing he knew was that he was being pulled over by a cop. Yes you read that right, you can be pulled over on your bike by a cop car! He got a warning ticket. I am not going to go into how I think it was a waste of time when there was cars going 10 mph over the speed limit going by, but I still find it funny. I love this man. He has been helping alot with all the canning we have been doing. Whether by watching kids or doing some by himself. He is just awesome. I still can't believe I have known him for 6 years. The best 6 years of my life.
Well, onto me. I haven't been to exciting. Lately we have been fighting one sickness after the next and the last one I had a fever for 3 days and that was rather annoying. Now instead of being sick I am totally unmotivated. I have a million projects to do but have no motivation to any of them. Right now we are processing the last jars of apple rings and I have no interest in canning till next spring. I have been reading a little bit more lately. I read Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games series. I loved it, and would recommend it. I also just finished The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale. I liked this book, warning this book made me ball like a little baby so have tissues ready. Mostly it was funny but the sad part was excrutiatingly painful to read. Anyways, right now I am readin Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.
I thought I would share something I learned today. While talking to my mom today she pointed out that maybe I was shwoing off sometimes when I point out the amazing things my husband does. Its not that I try to do this mind you. We go thru our tough times and work at things all the time but I guess I tend to not dwell on the little things he does that aggitate me. I inform him of these things and he tries to do better but sometimes it just doesn't work for him and I get over it. I just don't let my mind dwell on things. So yes, you only hear about the amazing things my husband does because in my eyes, the love of my life is practically perfect and to help me see that I don't often dwell or remember things that we had to deal with or work thru. It really isn't worth my time or his. I would rather be happy and in love with him all the time.
And if you have read all the way to end of this insanely long post you may as well know that I love my family sooo much. My kids may be slowly driving my crazy but I love them so wonderfully. And Brady! Well, there is no one more perfect for me than him. He came home today and gave me a hug and everything seem to feel better all at once. He is my rock and I love him.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This summer we have tried to keep busy. AJ was in summer school until the end of July so that kept him busy. I had to can peaches apricots and plums. We have lots of jam, frozen fruit and some dried fruit. The fruit leather I made was also a big hit.
We went on a trip to my grandmothers memorial in Montana in June. It was really nice to see family I haven't seen in a long time. It was also really nice to talk about all the wonderful things my grandmother did and passed on. In July we went to Lake Powell and spent the weekend with my cousins on a house boat. My boys had lots of fun. Noble liked the water more than AJ but they both were still a little scared of not being able to touch the bottom. I am definetly okay with that, made it a little less worrisome of them jumping off the back. I really enjoyed Lake Powell. It was a very much needed vacation away from everything.
We then came home for three days and were off to Brady's 10 year reunion in Preston. He enjoyed seeing friends from high school. It was also rodeo weekend so he took the boys to the rodeo one day and had fun. They stayed to watch the mutin bustin which our nephew was in. The last day we were there we went to the rodeo parade. We sat in the street to watch it and when it was over the cops didn't give us any time to get out of the street. I was trying to help clean up stuff and get kids out and cars were going by the whole time, very annoying. In all of this AJ snuck off somewhere and we lost him for 15 mins or so. Those have been the longest 15 mins of my life. I am just glad I have an awesome nephew who stayed where we were on the corner and happened to see him and grabed him. So we now have all our children safe at home for the rest of the summer. No more vacations, just visitors. My grandmother comes next week and then after she leaves my brother-in-law from germany comes for a week. We are excited to see everyone.
I am doing okay with 3 kids. We just don't go out much these days cause of the heat which is driving us all crazy but soon it will cool down. Until then we will stay inside driving eachother crazy but staying cool.
I am going to try and update more often but updating with kids running around is stightly difficult. I am done with all the fruit for now. Finished my last 2 batches of jam last night. On to making skirts.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Baby

Okay so I know it has been a while. I do have an excuse though. Erik Brady White was born on April 12 at 2:41pm. He weighed 9 lbs. 20" and is quit the cutie. This was the first pregnancy you can say I did all natural. I did get an iv drug, not an epidural, but before it could really took affect I realized I needed to start pushing. So all the drug did was make me a bit loopy. I think I might skip it next time all together. The drug helps me from getting nauseous and takes away a little pain. I don't think I needed it this time because my sweet nurse relized I was doing this without ever being taught techinics and she taught Brady a pressure point that got me thru the contractions. Interesting that most people say that being induced makes the contractions worse yet I remeber my second baby being so much worse. I was induced with this baby because I was already 39 weeks, which is the longest I had been pregnant, and I did not want another big baby. Luckily I had already been having contractions for a week they just wouldn't get strong, and I was dilated to a 4 when they induced me so maybe they just pushed it along a little bit. Anyways, everything went great and we were back at home less than 24 hours later.

Having 3 kids has been an adventure. Luckily Erik is by far the easiest baby we have had. And I thing I desereved an easy baby after the last two, and I hope he continues to be such. Brady and I realized that Noble was probably a colicky baby we just didn't know. Erik usually cries for the basics and thats it and if I am on top of it he doesn't cry at all!

We had Eriks baby blessing this past weekend. We had both sets of grandparents and Brady's older sisters family come. It was loads of fun. My kids enjoyed having someone else to play with.

Besides surviving the day to day there is nothing else going on. Noble is a terrible to kid which drives me crazy most the time. He balances that with his real cuteness. AJ is going to be going to summer school. He is really a smart kid just still has issues with social and behavior. On a side note, I really enjoyed this last April as it was Autism Awareness month. It was nice to have more articles and tv shows dedicated to this and realize that I am not the only mom who lives thru some of the things I have. AJ is much better than he was thanks to mothers intuition and early intervention. Yet he still has things that most parents don't deal with. We still have meltdowns but they are definitly fewer than before. And now when we have them its usually because I forgot to do something or didn't deal with the situation like I should have. Besides all that, it just is really nice to know I am not alone and I do enjoy talking to other friends who go thru the same thing everyday. Well on to Brady, he finished our main bathroom. We had to remodel it and get some mold out of there before the baby came. He successfully did that and made it look beautiful. Next he is to fix a problem in our bathroom and we are praying that it is not too big. It is behind the wall so we don't know how much damage has occured. Oh the joys of owning a home. Which brings us to our most recent home issue. Our ac/heat pump leaks frion. No one has ever been able to find a leak but it does leak which causes it not to be able to work right. So now we are heating up here in our house and the ac is blowing warm air. Very frustrating. I don't think I can make it here in the heat of the desert with no ac so hopefully we can get it fixed for little or no money considering we just spent our savings on baby and new tires for the car.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tired of it all! (warning ventint)

So this is a venting session. I have read lots of peoples agruments to this healthcare bill that past. I can't say I am all for everything in it but I am definitly not against some of the ideas.
The first thing that makes me laugh all the time is that people keep saying they don't want to be forced to buy health insurance. Now I agree that it should be affordable but to say that you don't need it and you should be given the choice... Let me ask you this, do you have car insurance? Were you given that option? Do you really want to be without that car insurance when some underinsured or uninsured driver hits you? The answer would be no. So why do you feel so compelled to agrue that it is unconstitutional to be told to buy health insurance? Which leads me to my next point. Other people then say that their money shouldn't be going to help the poor pay for their health insurance. They think this is socialist. Let me tell you something you may not know, you are ALREADY paying their bill. Hello people, they can't afford healthcare thus they don't pay their bill and costs go up. See the problem. We already do this, nothing new in this healthcare bill just it would come out of taxes instead of increasing all our medical expenses everyyear.
Last thing I promise. How come all these people who are complaining about all this and saying they'll never have government in their life will be lined up to get medicare in their old age? Do they not realize this is socialized medicine for the old people? I am sure I can agrue more but I have a show on tv I want to watch!
Anyways, just wanted some people to get a different view. How healthcare system sucks. And yes maybe some people would have to wait in line but the other side of the argument might be that right now plenty of people don't get the care they need cause they get turned down due to lack of insurance or even that they are not in network (don't get me started on insurance companies).
The silver lining to this healthcare bill being passed is that it keeps the talks going. I don't agree with everything in it. Yet I do think that you have to start somewhere and if it did get shot down this last week then it would have more than likely ended there and more people would continue to suffer.
I hope this just gives a different perspective to some. Okay I am done. Love Everyone.

Friday, February 19, 2010

fun kids

Our boys have been really fun lately. Yesterday we took them swimming. Brady swam with them while I sat out and watched, I was a bit to tired and pregnant to be running around the kiddie zone. Anyways, it was quit fun to watch them. Noble discovered the slide too. Before he usually would climb the stairs look down and climb back down. Yesterday he finally went down and had the biggest smile on his face. After that I think he spent most his time on the slide, ind you this is a little kiddie slide. AJ loves the water but seems to not like having his face under water where Noble is totally unphased by being immersed. They played for over an hour and then getting them out what soooo much fun! AJ was tired and worn out and had a complete melt down when we drug him out. The bright side is when they went to bed there was no argument and we didn't hear a peep from them after Brady left the room.
In other news AJ has been taking the bus and loves it. He actually carries his backpack around for a half hour before the bus comes just to make sure he is ready. He is growing up so fast. His 4th birthday is next week. And in that growing topic, he has outgrown most his shoes. Poor kid keeps saying oww on his way to church cause his shoes are too tight and his toes hang over his sandles. He's probably in a size 13 or 1, which is crazy for a 4 yr old. Oh well, the joys of big boys!
Noble is growing up all the time. He speaks in complete sentences all the time and eighty percent of the time it is completely understandable. He also seems to be looking more like a toddler and less like a baby all the time. He is a cutie, but he also likes to show his terrible twos sometimes too. He still hasn't accepted that he will not be the baby soon. We are giving him plenty of warning so he'll just have to deal with Erik when he comes.
On that note, Erik continues to grow. I am about 32 weeks. I am so looking forward to not being pregnant anymore, and having a cute little baby.
Brady has officially started our vegetable garden. He put a fence up last weekend and planted one more grapevine so that we have two. He also finished painting the baby's dresser it just needs to be moved inside now.
Nothing else really going on here. Just trying to prepare for the baby. If I can just keep my house somewhat clean before the baby comes that would be good enough for me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The last days of 2 kids

In the back is Noble.

So I am now 29 1/2 weeks. Erik is quickly approaching his time to enter our family. While we await his arrival, we have tried to keep busy while we only have two kids. Last weekend we went to Provo to have a get together with some of Brady's mission buddies. He had fun. Nothing like reminicing about all the silly things you did for 2 years. On our way back home we stopped in Cove Fort to build a snowman. AJ has been learning about what you wear in the winter and what a snowman looks like in school. So we had to stop and build a snowman while there was still snow. The boys all had fun, but I think they were glad to get back home where it is warm, especially Noble my hates cold boy.

I have been nesting, a wonderful part of pregnancy. Today I made a double batch of split pea soup and plan on freezing half of it so that we'll have a meal to eat after the babies born. I have a few other recipes lined up for being made and then frozen. This way I'll hopefully have a weeks worth of meals prepared for my family. They really like to eat so I am trying to make sure their happy while I adjust to being completly outnumbered!

The pregnancy is going well. I had a little scare yesterday. I was having timed contractions, or at least they were similar to contractions I had with one of the other boys. I went in and everything was fine. I just probably had some other things going on inside. I did feel better this morning so that is always a good sign. Erik gets bigger all the time and loves to stick his foot under my stomach which gives me bad heartburn. This little guy seems like he'll be born as tall as his brothers at least. He can have his head down as low as it will go and a foot pressing well into a rib, wonderful feeling.

AJ and Noble are doing well. Keeping me going crazy. They have recently lost a bunch of toys due to mom putting her foot down and making them learn to clean up. They don't clean up, we pack up more toys they left out. They are learning all the time and do cute things too. They love to wrestle though I don't' know if it is fair cause Noble, small kid, always ends up on the bottom. I guess someday he'll grow big enough to have a chance.

Brady is loving his job still. He has been riding his bike to work alot lately. Mostly to save on gas and money, but also because he wants to stay in shape. Since he sits behind a desk most the day a good bike ride is probably his best way to fi in exercise.

Well, that is us in a nutshell. We are just trying to get things organized and done before the baby comes.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Been way to long!

Well, here we are in a new year. I really have been slacking. Life got busy and then sicky,so here I am. We got a laptop and a router so now I can watch my kids while on the computer. This will hopefully make my life easier.
So to back track a little, we found out we are having another boy. So 3 boys, yeah!! I honestly had a hard time the first day but now I am excited to have another boy. His name will be Erik Brady White. Yes that is with a 'K'. It is the Swedish spelling, and since it is family name must keep it real. Brady just finished the baby's room. We painted it and finished the spots that didn't have molding. He borrowed some tools and now Brady is petitioning for more tools! The manly man toys!
We had Thanksgiving here at our house this year. There were 8 kids five and under running around. I think I might wait to do this again when kids are older! We did have fun though. The weather was nice to we got to go out alot and run the kids' energy off. This is a big plus for living in St George, Love IT. At the end AJ and Noble were ready to have mom and dad back. We hadn't realized how little one on one time we had with them until everyone was gone. The kids loved having us back! Nice to know they love us.
Next was Christmas. Most years I am on top of gifts and have them mostly done by Thanksgiving. This year all my focus was on making sure thanksgiving went well. So I spent the next 2 weeks getting presents done. I made Noble a crocheted dinosaur and AJ a cowboy vest. AJ and I got a pretty bad cold around this time too. We had fevers and felt nasty for a few days.
This year I decided to start a tradition in honor of my Grandmother Graham. She passed away the Saturday before Thanksgiving. She used to make a ton of cookies and not just one kind lots of different ones. So I did this and then gave them away to our neighbors and friends. It was fun and I am positive we'll do this next year. I won't be pregnant so it will be even easier!
Oh on Christmas I didn't feel good so by the next day I decided to go to instacare. Found out I had strep throat. Merry Christmas to me! I got worse before I got better which was no fun. Oh well, I feel better now.So to new years. Brady's sister and family came thru and stayed New years eve. We had fun with fondue and pinochle.
That brings us to last Friday when Noble started puking. Only my kid would be puking and running around at the same time. I ran out of the room so I wouldn't puke but Brady said he kept puking until he slipped on it. He puked until about 3am Saturday morning. He wouldn't keep water down. But he woke up at 8am the next morning bouncing around acting as if nothing happened. I slept in till 10 thanks to my husband since I was up till 3. Then Saturday night AJ decided to join in. And then there was me at 4am Sunday morning. Brady luckily never did fully join us though he never felt really good. Needless to say we stayed home from church the first Sunday of the year.
Well, hopefully we are done with the sickies. AJ starts school on Wednesday. Hopefully he won't bring anything home. He is really excited to go back to school. He is going to a different place this time, one closer to our house. Hopefully he'll be okay with it. Let's see, I am 25 weeks and rolling into the 3rd trimester. All down hill from here and so much to do before the baby comes.
Hope everyones year starts off great.
Pitctures will come later. Sorry.