Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have been really busy and lazy and haven't posted. Sorry. We have had a few changes.

First, for those who don't know, we did get our house in July. We have been here for 2 months now and love it. It is so nice to have a backyard again. I can let my kids out to play while I do other things. We have all just loved having space again. The boys are sharing a room, even though we have enough rooms for them to have their own. We decided it would be good to share. I don't know if it was the right decision. A few bloody lips and dressers squashing children latter we still have two boys. They are becoming better friends and tolerating each other more. There is always a few screams but we have learned to ignore most of them and let them learn to deal with it. Another decision I am not quit sure of but seems to be working.

So the second thing that has kept me busy and lazy has been #3. Yes that is right, we are expecting our third. As you read this please think Pink. I want a healthy baby yes, but I really need a girl. I have hopes this might be one but who knows. I have 12 weeks and I can find out in 2 more months. I am hoping before Thanksgiving. Anyways, the pregnancy has been better than the last 2. No throwing up just some dizziness and headaches and all the other joys of being pregnant.

Well, not much else. AJ is back in preschool and is starting to do better. It takes him a while to get adjusted to school. But he is really loving it. Noble wants to go sometimes too. Instead he gets to come home with mommy who is no fun while pregnant.

One thing I recently did is got addicted to the Twilight series. And I know who to blame. I watched the movie and liked it. I thought 'I bet the book is better than the movie', mostly cause they always are. I figured I would read it some day like I eventually read most books. Then I got on to my friends page, Shamae this is where I blame you!!. She posted the trailer for the second movie of Twilight, New Moon. I loved the trailer and knew I wanted to see the movie. So I decided before I saw the movie I had to read the first 2 books. While I read those in 27 hours and was addicted. I ran to the library the next day and got the last 2 books and read those. When I ended the last book I had read them all in 3 days. I was a little tired, and I had a crouchy husband, who does still love me! I am now a huge fan of the books. If you ever need a world to escape into these books will do it. No other book has kept me so captivated that I would choose reading over sleeping. Which is apparently not healthy while your pregnant, paid for that later. Anyways, I will be seeing the 2nd movie when in goes to theaters and I am excited to see how they try and stick to the story.

Well, not much else. I'll just post a few pics.
Here is the boys in front of our new house. AJ loves the tree and I am sure as soon as he grows another foot he'll be climbing it. And then breaking bones!
This is Pecan as Brady calls it. The middle picture is a 4d pic. It is cool cause you can actually see the arms and legs. Just hoping for a girl!