Monday, July 13, 2009

What we have been up to

So life in our house has been a little crazy and up in the air lately.
First of all, we should be closing on our house this week at the latest next Monday. There is no set date because it took them forever to get the AC working. That is another story entirely. But everything is moving forward and we are now just waiting to sign and call it ours. Our kids are excited because everytime we drive by AJ tries to unbuckle his seat belt and get out. Then we have to explain that we can't move yet and then he cries to us saying "my house, my house". It is very cute and very reassuring that this move will not be as tramatic as the last one.
Since I last posted the fourth of July came and went. One tradition we started with our boys is to make sure they understand the reason we have the fourth. I was reflecting one day on what I do on the 4th. I then realized all I could think of is bbq's and fireworks. These things are all great but they are not the reason for the 4th at all. Having been raised in the military and really understanding the sacrifice people make for their country, military personel and families alike, I decided to make sure my kids appreciate that sacrifice. So this year we wrote cards to members in our families who have and are serving in the military. And for those who are not our family but have and our serving we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. It is because of you we have the oppurtunity to celebrate the 4th and we are greatful for the sacrifices you make for that oppurtunity.
So now on to pictures of our fourth of July. We went to Cedar City for their parade and afterwards went to Cedar Breaks to go on a hike. It was loads of fun and 10-15 degrees cooler than St George.

AJ up at Cedar Breaks. I think it is beautiful but boy does this kid like to hang close to the edge!
Me. By the way I got a haircut. Much better short when it is really hot outside.

Daddy and Noble at the parade.

So this picture is from the week I thought my kids would never survive. If you can see the dot on AJ's lower lip that is from not staying in the cart at the store. He didn't bleed to much then. On his head he is sporting a nice 'goose egg'. I took this picture a few minutes after it happened. It actually got bigger. The same week Noble feel out of kitchen chair he was supposed to be sitting in not standing. He got a nice bump on the back of his head. I think this was also the same week mom didn't put enough sunscreen on Noble and he got a bad burn on his back. I paid for that when I was up with him in the night cause he couldn't sleep. And last but not least, Noble should have been sleeping but decided to play and somehow fell on his bed railing and got himself a nice bloody lip which later turned into a fat lip. Lips bleed alot, he screamed alot. I was just proud with all the blood and pain during this week that I did not once pass out. Yeah Mom!!! My kids have been fine since. Not even a scratch. I guess my nursing and sanity skills all come in spurts.
Well, that is it for us. Hopefully the next post will be of our new house.


Mel said...

I love your haircut!! As for the boys surviving the wk...I totally understand. You should see my kids legs, bruises up and down from constantly falling.

Rachel G said...

Your hair looks awesome! My hair has always been really thick but it has thinned out a lot over the last couple years, maybe its the year-round heat?? Haha I have no idea. Hope you guys are doing great.