Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wonderful Kids

Today was a good day at church. AJ was telling me about the sacrament and reading me one of his church books. That made me feel like he really is getting what I am saying.

Not too much going on. We went to an awesome resturant here, it is called Pirate Island. We just had pizza, but we could have a bunch of other things. They had an arcade and a small play ground for kids. It had a little ship that would make canon sounds occassionally, the kids thought that was cool. And the coolest thing was that the kids menus turned into a pirates hat. I think we might go back sometime. All AJ has talked about since then is treasure. Well, I'll just post some pics of that trip.
Here is the ship playground. Lots of fun.

This is AJ pretend playing this car game. He was doing a good job pretending to shift and turn.


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looks like a lot of fun!