Saturday, May 16, 2009


So I finally am getting pictures up. The first group of pictures is from our hike in Zion 2 weeks ago. We went to the lower ponds to see the waterfall. It was cool. AJ is really good at making a mile and a half hike into 2 hours. It was fun though. I will let the rest of the pictures tell of what we have been up to.

Waterfall at the pond.

Our family on a rock that AJ insisted was a picture taking rock. I have such a good looking family.

Here are my boys. They are growing up to fast. I love them soo much. They are just the cutest kids you will ever meet.
This is the wildlife we saw.
And this is what happens when mom leaves the permanant marker in reach of children. I was just glad it was on him and not anywhere else, that fact kept him from getting in big trouble.

These pictures were done at the church museum. This I believe was one of the original pulpits from the tabernacle. My boys were so cute. There was a kids area in the museum and it had alot of cool things to do. So if you ever go there ask someone about it, it was way cool.

Here is a picture of my brother and his wife. They were sealed last weekend. They are also due to have their baby boy in June. They look so good.

So this is what we have been up to. We were supposed to go to Zion today but AJ threw up this morning so that plan was axed. The boys did go for a drive and left me at home. I did some canning. My first attempt at apple pie filling. We will test it out tomorrow and see how it is. Nothing much else. Oh, for those who want an update, AJ's quilt is now in the handstitching stage. This part will take the longest but I think it will look good. I have a goal to have it done by October which is around the time it gets cool here at night.

Hope all is well with everyone.


Mel said...

Aw darn that permanent marker...its so tempting hehe. Love the pics!!

Marianne said...

That is definitely a picture-taking rock! Great pic!!

Shamae said...

Those are cute pics!! Your boys are seriously adorable!! I have always loved AJ's cheeks!