Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No pics but an update

So I haven't gotten the pics off of my camera so I figured I should at least update.
On the 24th of Feb. AJ turned 3. We had fun arguing with him that he was 3. He insisted that he was two and still insists that he is 2. In a year will have him saying 3! AJ also started preschool. I didn't really have a problem with it. I was afrtaid I would break down after I left but he did great. The teachers had to tell him I was leaving and I could heart him as he was running off that he said bye mom. He is doing better every day. The teacher says he gets better at the routine and is no longer throwing fits in class. So hopefully we will see an improvement at home. AJ also had his first dentist appointment and found out he has NO cavities. Yeah!! I don't think it is because we brush so good because he hardly lets us brush his teeth. I think its just because he got his teeth later. Anyways, I think that is enough about AJ.
Noble. Well, what can I say. He now thinks it is a fun game to run away from mom and have her chase him. He laughs so hard at that. Good thing mom is trying to get in shape so I can run faster than him! Noble is super fast for a 14 month old. By the way he runs and walks you would think the kids been doing it since birth, he hardly falls and has the whole stopping thing down which is something most kids his age haven't figured out. He is really cute and lets us know when he wants to eat by saying "mor mor mor" and trying to climb into his chair. He likes to play with his brother too. Even though AJ isn't quit keen on letting him play with his toys yet. We are still working on sharing but it is coming.
Me, I am trying to get in shape. I have started running after I drop AJ off at school. That way I only have one kid in the jogging stroller and he is usually content. I haven't been up to much else. Just trying to buy a house. Banks are dumb and won't give us an answer. We have waited 4 almost 5 weeks now to hear whether the bank will except our offer or not. So now it is back to square one I guess. We are now looking again at houses. It is difficult to find what we want and one that is in our price range. We are working on it though.
Our family is enjoying the weather and some fun hikes and outings. I have enjoyed the being able to go out lately, its'been great. Hope everyone else is doing well.


Rachel G said...

I run to get in shape too! One thing that really helped me was to put audio books on my mp3 player. You kinda get lost in the story and forget about the time/distance. Good luck!

Rachel G said...

The ipod shuffle, like I have, is only $50. AND....apple just came out with a "new and improved" shuffle, so I bet this one will go down in price within a couple weeks.


It doesn't have a screen but it is super light and clips on your clothes, so it is great for exercising.

Caranna said...

I keep thinking I'll try to run someday, but it hasn't happened yet.
Every time I decide to get into shape something happens - like health problems, bad weather, sick kids... Maybe I'll just be fat until my kids are in high school!!
But that doesn't sound like much fun!

We have the opposite problem with Canton. He insists that he's 4 (like Tate) even though we keep reminding him that he's only 3 - oh well.