Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Ever thought of Standerdized Testing????

So yesterday AJ had some testing done to see if he qualifies for a preschool. The test they gave was a standerdized test. Now I never had a problem with these tests growing up because I did well with them. Now that I have a little boy that has a mind of his own I being to understand the argument for how STUPID these things are. The lady would ask questions and I would say he doesn't know that word but you can substitute it for this word and he would get it but she said she couldn't. Then when AJ wanted to do something she asked but in a different way she would not let him because "it has to be done exactly the same by every kid" and of course AJ got mad and thru a huge fit that she wasn't letting him do the task. So I explained to her that my method of teaching at home, which by the way has gotten us the most progress in AJ's communication, is to let him lead me to what he wants to learn. So, if he wants to learn about Joey's (baby kangaroos) we get books about them at the library, or if he wants to learn how to make a snowman out of playdough, we learn how to do that. He has really advanced lately with this method of teaching instead of forcing him to try and learn. So this is what I told her and she told me that he will probably fail in the school system if he can only learn this way and he will never succeed in life. Really, I thought to empower a kid with self confidence and knowledge, that that will give him more ability to succeed than some stupid method of teaching they generlize to the standard good student. Sorry about this rant. I must explain that I am not an avid supporter of home schooling, and what I mean is that I don't think it is the only way. But I also know that public school is not for everyone. After this meeting I really felt like I either need to make a ton of money to send AJ to a Montessori school, where I feel he would learn the most, or I need to be prepared to home school him if he doesn't seem to be doing well in public school. I am still just appaled at what the lady said. I think she thought that we all need to be one way and that is the only way to succeed. I have to meet with her again in a week and I definitly think I will be telling her my mind, or maybe I will be cooled down by then.


Gavin said...

Ummmm... Do you WANT my opinion?

Jen said...

I think teaching AJ that learning can be fun is great especially at an early age. But I agree public schools have their hands tied as to what and how they have to teach things and obviously that does not fit everyone. Plus teaching at a middle school has opened my eyes as to the kind of kids/parents that are also going to the school...and that adds a whole different element to the curriculum!