Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Boy in Preschool

So AJ ended up qualifying through the school district for their preschool. I met his teacher which made me feel better. I got to talk to her for a while and she understood how he learns and will work with him in a similar way and also try and guide him so he can learn also from the teacher. She also told me that they work with the kids 2 on 1. This is 2 kids and one teacher. This way they have interaction with the teacher and have some peer interaction to try and help them along. I think that will be great for AJ. He doesn't get to start until he is 3 so I have a few more weeks to get used to it. Luckily he will be going right across the street from us so I won't feel like he is a world away. It actually might encourage me to get out and exercise.

Well, besides that not much else has been going on. Noble is learning new words all the time. He is starting to say 'ball', because he plays with them all the time. He also asks 'wha is it' all the time to and then after I tell him what ever it is he know responds with 'oh'. What a cute and funny kid.
Brady is doing good, and so am I most days. I am just trying to keep sanity through this new stage we have entered with the boys.
Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines day, we are sending our love.


Caranna said...

It sounds like a wonderful preschool!! I'm glad that the teacher is understanding and wanting to help AJ - more than the test lady!
Noble sounds like a cutie! I'm still trying to encourage Oran to talk more - he's not so talkative, but understands everything we say - and when he feels like it he'll talk - and he does it very clearly - I'm always surprised when it does happen and have to stop and say "What did you say?" But he never repeats it! CRAZY kid!
So, I guess he can talk, he just doesn't feel like it most days ;)

Alayna said...

I'm glad you got to meet the teacher and you feel more comfortable with her! It sounds like it might be a good thing for him. I hope he loves it!