Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally an update!

I have been lazy lately. Really I just haven't had time to get pictures on the computer and I haven't really wanted to post without pictures. So here I finally update with some pics too.

Nothing realy has gone on lately. Brady and I sang in church yesterday a duet. It was nice but I always get so nervous. I think playing the piano is easier because if you can screw up you can fake something to make it sound like it was okay but when you screw up singing there is nothing you can do. Oh well, we did great.

We have been looking at houses. We think we found one that might work for our family but now it is the waiting game to see how we can get our downpayment together. It is frustrating knowing we can afford a house payment but can't come up with a couple thousand dollars for a down payment. We'll figure it out, if its meant to be it will happen.

Well, I guess I'll just posts pics now.

This is a before and after of Noble's first hair cut. He needed one a while ago but I had a hard time wanting to cut his hair because he wouldn't look like a baby anymore but more like a toddler. It saddened be to put him in that next stage but I had to do it. Really was because a guy at the store called him a girl and I decided that that shouldn't happen again!

Noble's birthday was a couple weeks ago but here our some pics of him from our little family party.

Noble Loves to play the piano. He looks like the next great pianist to me, don't you think?

After christmas some time we went on a hike my Snow Canyon. It was a little cold and breezy but not to bad. We had fun.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Baby's 1!

Noble turned 1 yesterday. He just had a little family thing. H eloved the cake of course and seem to enjoy one of his presents. I have some cute pictures but my computer is being retarded so I will try loading them later. AJ seemed to under stand the birthday thing better than his brother. He wanted to blow out the candle and open the presents. This was all after he took out a chunk of the cake before I frosted it. Needless to say he ended up in the living room for his own safety, mom was really mad. Noble seemed to have fun though.
So now is his first day of being one and I no longer have a baby I have 2 toddlers. They both get around and make a mess of my house and steal all the energy I have, but they are both oh so cute!! I love my boys I couldn't ask for anything better.
Hope everyone is doing well.