Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have been really busy and lazy and haven't posted. Sorry. We have had a few changes.

First, for those who don't know, we did get our house in July. We have been here for 2 months now and love it. It is so nice to have a backyard again. I can let my kids out to play while I do other things. We have all just loved having space again. The boys are sharing a room, even though we have enough rooms for them to have their own. We decided it would be good to share. I don't know if it was the right decision. A few bloody lips and dressers squashing children latter we still have two boys. They are becoming better friends and tolerating each other more. There is always a few screams but we have learned to ignore most of them and let them learn to deal with it. Another decision I am not quit sure of but seems to be working.

So the second thing that has kept me busy and lazy has been #3. Yes that is right, we are expecting our third. As you read this please think Pink. I want a healthy baby yes, but I really need a girl. I have hopes this might be one but who knows. I have 12 weeks and I can find out in 2 more months. I am hoping before Thanksgiving. Anyways, the pregnancy has been better than the last 2. No throwing up just some dizziness and headaches and all the other joys of being pregnant.

Well, not much else. AJ is back in preschool and is starting to do better. It takes him a while to get adjusted to school. But he is really loving it. Noble wants to go sometimes too. Instead he gets to come home with mommy who is no fun while pregnant.

One thing I recently did is got addicted to the Twilight series. And I know who to blame. I watched the movie and liked it. I thought 'I bet the book is better than the movie', mostly cause they always are. I figured I would read it some day like I eventually read most books. Then I got on to my friends page, Shamae this is where I blame you!!. She posted the trailer for the second movie of Twilight, New Moon. I loved the trailer and knew I wanted to see the movie. So I decided before I saw the movie I had to read the first 2 books. While I read those in 27 hours and was addicted. I ran to the library the next day and got the last 2 books and read those. When I ended the last book I had read them all in 3 days. I was a little tired, and I had a crouchy husband, who does still love me! I am now a huge fan of the books. If you ever need a world to escape into these books will do it. No other book has kept me so captivated that I would choose reading over sleeping. Which is apparently not healthy while your pregnant, paid for that later. Anyways, I will be seeing the 2nd movie when in goes to theaters and I am excited to see how they try and stick to the story.

Well, not much else. I'll just post a few pics.
Here is the boys in front of our new house. AJ loves the tree and I am sure as soon as he grows another foot he'll be climbing it. And then breaking bones!
This is Pecan as Brady calls it. The middle picture is a 4d pic. It is cool cause you can actually see the arms and legs. Just hoping for a girl!

Monday, July 13, 2009

What we have been up to

So life in our house has been a little crazy and up in the air lately.
First of all, we should be closing on our house this week at the latest next Monday. There is no set date because it took them forever to get the AC working. That is another story entirely. But everything is moving forward and we are now just waiting to sign and call it ours. Our kids are excited because everytime we drive by AJ tries to unbuckle his seat belt and get out. Then we have to explain that we can't move yet and then he cries to us saying "my house, my house". It is very cute and very reassuring that this move will not be as tramatic as the last one.
Since I last posted the fourth of July came and went. One tradition we started with our boys is to make sure they understand the reason we have the fourth. I was reflecting one day on what I do on the 4th. I then realized all I could think of is bbq's and fireworks. These things are all great but they are not the reason for the 4th at all. Having been raised in the military and really understanding the sacrifice people make for their country, military personel and families alike, I decided to make sure my kids appreciate that sacrifice. So this year we wrote cards to members in our families who have and are serving in the military. And for those who are not our family but have and our serving we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. It is because of you we have the oppurtunity to celebrate the 4th and we are greatful for the sacrifices you make for that oppurtunity.
So now on to pictures of our fourth of July. We went to Cedar City for their parade and afterwards went to Cedar Breaks to go on a hike. It was loads of fun and 10-15 degrees cooler than St George.

AJ up at Cedar Breaks. I think it is beautiful but boy does this kid like to hang close to the edge!
Me. By the way I got a haircut. Much better short when it is really hot outside.

Daddy and Noble at the parade.

So this picture is from the week I thought my kids would never survive. If you can see the dot on AJ's lower lip that is from not staying in the cart at the store. He didn't bleed to much then. On his head he is sporting a nice 'goose egg'. I took this picture a few minutes after it happened. It actually got bigger. The same week Noble feel out of kitchen chair he was supposed to be sitting in not standing. He got a nice bump on the back of his head. I think this was also the same week mom didn't put enough sunscreen on Noble and he got a bad burn on his back. I paid for that when I was up with him in the night cause he couldn't sleep. And last but not least, Noble should have been sleeping but decided to play and somehow fell on his bed railing and got himself a nice bloody lip which later turned into a fat lip. Lips bleed alot, he screamed alot. I was just proud with all the blood and pain during this week that I did not once pass out. Yeah Mom!!! My kids have been fine since. Not even a scratch. I guess my nursing and sanity skills all come in spurts.
Well, that is it for us. Hopefully the next post will be of our new house.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Here is some pictures from recent happenings.This is in Zion and my kids are being so loving.
Here we are at the Zion narrows.

AJ wanted to touch the squirrel. I think the squirrel was expecting some food.

This is AJ playing by were we camped up by Zion. We had to scrub sand out of both the boys' hair the next day.

This is daddy and Noble in the virgin river.

This is my boys in the Fort something we went to. It was fun getting there, all a dirt road.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wonderful Kids

Today was a good day at church. AJ was telling me about the sacrament and reading me one of his church books. That made me feel like he really is getting what I am saying.

Not too much going on. We went to an awesome resturant here, it is called Pirate Island. We just had pizza, but we could have a bunch of other things. They had an arcade and a small play ground for kids. It had a little ship that would make canon sounds occassionally, the kids thought that was cool. And the coolest thing was that the kids menus turned into a pirates hat. I think we might go back sometime. All AJ has talked about since then is treasure. Well, I'll just post some pics of that trip.
Here is the ship playground. Lots of fun.

This is AJ pretend playing this car game. He was doing a good job pretending to shift and turn.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So I finally am getting pictures up. The first group of pictures is from our hike in Zion 2 weeks ago. We went to the lower ponds to see the waterfall. It was cool. AJ is really good at making a mile and a half hike into 2 hours. It was fun though. I will let the rest of the pictures tell of what we have been up to.

Waterfall at the pond.

Our family on a rock that AJ insisted was a picture taking rock. I have such a good looking family.

Here are my boys. They are growing up to fast. I love them soo much. They are just the cutest kids you will ever meet.
This is the wildlife we saw.
And this is what happens when mom leaves the permanant marker in reach of children. I was just glad it was on him and not anywhere else, that fact kept him from getting in big trouble.

These pictures were done at the church museum. This I believe was one of the original pulpits from the tabernacle. My boys were so cute. There was a kids area in the museum and it had alot of cool things to do. So if you ever go there ask someone about it, it was way cool.

Here is a picture of my brother and his wife. They were sealed last weekend. They are also due to have their baby boy in June. They look so good.

So this is what we have been up to. We were supposed to go to Zion today but AJ threw up this morning so that plan was axed. The boys did go for a drive and left me at home. I did some canning. My first attempt at apple pie filling. We will test it out tomorrow and see how it is. Nothing much else. Oh, for those who want an update, AJ's quilt is now in the handstitching stage. This part will take the longest but I think it will look good. I have a goal to have it done by October which is around the time it gets cool here at night.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter and remembered the real reason for this special day.

There hasn't been much here lastely. We but another offer on another house. We have no idea when we'll hear from the bank. So it is just another sit and wait time. Oh well.

I guess there was some fun stuff a week ago. My cousin got married here at the St George temple. Her family is from Houston and her husbands family is from California. So I guess here was half way. It was really exciting to see family and to go to a wedding. I felt bad though. The day before and the day after the wedding were beautiful but the day off was rainy and windy. What are the chances here in St George really! Well, congratulations you two, you make a cute couple.

Well, not much other than those things. We had our easter bunny thing Saturday and have tried to teach a 3 year old about Jesus and the resurection. I am just glad he knows who Jesus is.
We are having some friends over tonight to have a easter dinner. Ham and the whole works. It is my first time baking a ham, hope it tastes good.
Sorry no pics, blogger is being dumb and won't upload them so maybe next time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The World of couponing

So I haven't done much lately other than enjoy this world of couponing. I have gotten boxes of granola bars for free this last week, pasta for .49 and some more snacks for free or less than .50. I have a full pantry and have spent less than $50 this month. Way exciting!!!! Brady loves it too cause it stresses me out less with the bills. It has left me open to go buy AJ some much needed clothes. I went to old navy because I had a $5 of a $25 pirchase coupon. So he got some new shirts and some to grow into for next winter. Poor Noble didn't get anything but he has plenty of handme down too I guess. I am just having way to much fun saving lots of money.
Well, moving on. We are now looking at houses again because I assume the bank took someone else's offer on the other house. No one told us we just noticed it is off mls now. We found a house we liked but it was bid up way above what we want to pay. So we are still hunting. I am grateful to have a house now and I am trying to like living here. Somedays are better than others. I guess I just miss having a backyard and lots of counter space to make food. Oh well, there are many people now a days without all of that so I am very blessed for my husband to have a steady job with an income that pays our bills. I do like the friends I am making here and enjoy the sunshine and being outside. I think I am going to take the kids swimming today. It is supposed to be in the 80's again.=)
I hope everyone else is doing well and for those living in St george, enjoy the last days of spring break, for they are coming to an end.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No pics but an update

So I haven't gotten the pics off of my camera so I figured I should at least update.
On the 24th of Feb. AJ turned 3. We had fun arguing with him that he was 3. He insisted that he was two and still insists that he is 2. In a year will have him saying 3! AJ also started preschool. I didn't really have a problem with it. I was afrtaid I would break down after I left but he did great. The teachers had to tell him I was leaving and I could heart him as he was running off that he said bye mom. He is doing better every day. The teacher says he gets better at the routine and is no longer throwing fits in class. So hopefully we will see an improvement at home. AJ also had his first dentist appointment and found out he has NO cavities. Yeah!! I don't think it is because we brush so good because he hardly lets us brush his teeth. I think its just because he got his teeth later. Anyways, I think that is enough about AJ.
Noble. Well, what can I say. He now thinks it is a fun game to run away from mom and have her chase him. He laughs so hard at that. Good thing mom is trying to get in shape so I can run faster than him! Noble is super fast for a 14 month old. By the way he runs and walks you would think the kids been doing it since birth, he hardly falls and has the whole stopping thing down which is something most kids his age haven't figured out. He is really cute and lets us know when he wants to eat by saying "mor mor mor" and trying to climb into his chair. He likes to play with his brother too. Even though AJ isn't quit keen on letting him play with his toys yet. We are still working on sharing but it is coming.
Me, I am trying to get in shape. I have started running after I drop AJ off at school. That way I only have one kid in the jogging stroller and he is usually content. I haven't been up to much else. Just trying to buy a house. Banks are dumb and won't give us an answer. We have waited 4 almost 5 weeks now to hear whether the bank will except our offer or not. So now it is back to square one I guess. We are now looking again at houses. It is difficult to find what we want and one that is in our price range. We are working on it though.
Our family is enjoying the weather and some fun hikes and outings. I have enjoyed the being able to go out lately, its'been great. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nice weather for the weekend

I thought I would post some pics form our trip to Snow Canyon State Park. The kids loved playing in the sand dunes and enjoyed the hike we went on up a canyon.

I buried Noble's legs underneath sand. He just laughed and thought it was great.

AJ had lots of fun building castles. He has been really into castles lately.

This is our family up near the end of the canyon.

My boys while we ate our lunch before we took off to the sand dunes.

And this is me "trying" to look good. My husband finds me very atrractive so that is what is important!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

High School Tag

High School Tag

1. DID YOU DATE SOMEONE FROM YOUR SCHOOL? I went on dates, seldom at that, but I thought it silly to actually date a person. I needed my freedom.

2.WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? I didn't get my license till my senior year so I just got my moms red van. Never even owned a car till I was married. I loved to ride my bike instead.


4. WERE YOU A PARTY ANIMAL? Sure, it usually involved a little dancing and some crazy fun ( all clean mind you these where legal high school parties usually thrown by some church friends)

(Sorry forgot to flip, so please turn your head to the left)

5. WERE YOU CONSIDERED A FLIRT? I had to think but I guess I was. Not purposefully but it just kinda happened naturally. Hard to avoid when you have flowing blonde hair that whips around like in the commercials.

6. WERE YOU IN BAND, ORCHESTRA, OR CHOIR? I was on the color guard team in marching band, played percussion in symphonic and marching band another year, I played the piano and sang for our choir my senior year and I also occasionally played percussion for the community college orchestra (my friend played percussion for them and would call me if she needed help in an upcoming concert)

7. WERE YOU A NERD? I was a defenite band nerd. I guess I also took advanced classes but I don't know if that qualifies you as a nerd

8. WERE YOU ON ANY VARSITY TEAMS? The Winter Guard team, this is where the color guard competes without the band. It sounds weird to some but it was some really hard stuff and involved broken bones and concuissions for some. I only ended up with bruising over every part of my body.


10. CAN YOU STILL SING THE FIGHT SONG? I can sing the melody but I have never known the words, curse of being in band. I do know the words and melody to the Alma Mater.


12. WHERE DID YOU SIT FOR LUNCH? My junior and Senior year I hung out by the band room.

13. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S FULL NAME? Sherman E. Burroughs High School

14. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S MASCOT AND COLORS? We were Burros (no kidding) our colors were green, black, and white

15. WHO WAS HOMECOMING ROYALTY? I can't remember queen but the princesses were Dannon and Brandi. I don't know the guys

16. IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN WOULD YOU? No but I would love to go back and do the first couple months of being married over and over again!

17. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT GRADUATION? I remeber it was windy because we were outside and I was trying to accompany some friends and my music kept disapearing. I also remeber staying up all night playing gambling games to win prizes and eating a ton of food. By the time I left at 6am I felt like I wasn't safe to drive.

18. WHERE DID YOU GO SENIOR SKIP DAY? If I skipped I probably stayed home, since we lived hours away from any decent sized city.

19. WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? I was in pep club and I had my picture taken with habitat for humanity but I never went.

20. HAVE YOU GAINED SOME WEIGHT SINCE THEN? No but my body has shifted since high school. I think I had more muscle in high school due to running and being in physically good shape. That is compared to my post 2 babies and my deep love for any tasty dessert.

21.WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE? Junior year was Jacob Butterworth. Senior year was Jacob Weingardner.
This pic is junior year

22. ARE YOU PLANNING ON GOING TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION? Sure, why not if I get to show off my hott and amazing husband and the cutest kids ever!

23. DID YOU HAVE A JOB IN HIGH SCHOOL? I was a paper delivery girl. I worked at pizza Hut for a while and also did telemarketing for the newspaper in town. I also volunteered at the day care on base.

24. WERE YOU AN HONOR STUDENT? I believe so, I had good grades except for one C, apparently if you don't do your homework for class your teacher gives a low grade. I still passed that math final with a 110% second highest grade in the class, I didn't need homework.

25. DID YOU TAKE SEMINARY? All four years. First 2 years at 6:30am and the last 2 years at 5:30am, now that is dedication!

26. WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER YOUR MOST FUN TIME? Band trips and Band camp, need I say more?

27. WERE YOU CONSIDERED SHY OR OUTGOING? I think I was outgoing but I guess I was shy a little bit at first.

28. ANY LAST MEMORIES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? I have to keep this G rated so no band bus stories which is where some of my funniest memories come from. Sorry kids.
Sorry I have more pics up stairs but I am to lazy to get them and they are all already in an album and taped down. So no crazy senior pics, these 3 were from my junior year.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Boy in Preschool

So AJ ended up qualifying through the school district for their preschool. I met his teacher which made me feel better. I got to talk to her for a while and she understood how he learns and will work with him in a similar way and also try and guide him so he can learn also from the teacher. She also told me that they work with the kids 2 on 1. This is 2 kids and one teacher. This way they have interaction with the teacher and have some peer interaction to try and help them along. I think that will be great for AJ. He doesn't get to start until he is 3 so I have a few more weeks to get used to it. Luckily he will be going right across the street from us so I won't feel like he is a world away. It actually might encourage me to get out and exercise.

Well, besides that not much else has been going on. Noble is learning new words all the time. He is starting to say 'ball', because he plays with them all the time. He also asks 'wha is it' all the time to and then after I tell him what ever it is he know responds with 'oh'. What a cute and funny kid.
Brady is doing good, and so am I most days. I am just trying to keep sanity through this new stage we have entered with the boys.
Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines day, we are sending our love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Ever thought of Standerdized Testing????

So yesterday AJ had some testing done to see if he qualifies for a preschool. The test they gave was a standerdized test. Now I never had a problem with these tests growing up because I did well with them. Now that I have a little boy that has a mind of his own I being to understand the argument for how STUPID these things are. The lady would ask questions and I would say he doesn't know that word but you can substitute it for this word and he would get it but she said she couldn't. Then when AJ wanted to do something she asked but in a different way she would not let him because "it has to be done exactly the same by every kid" and of course AJ got mad and thru a huge fit that she wasn't letting him do the task. So I explained to her that my method of teaching at home, which by the way has gotten us the most progress in AJ's communication, is to let him lead me to what he wants to learn. So, if he wants to learn about Joey's (baby kangaroos) we get books about them at the library, or if he wants to learn how to make a snowman out of playdough, we learn how to do that. He has really advanced lately with this method of teaching instead of forcing him to try and learn. So this is what I told her and she told me that he will probably fail in the school system if he can only learn this way and he will never succeed in life. Really, I thought to empower a kid with self confidence and knowledge, that that will give him more ability to succeed than some stupid method of teaching they generlize to the standard good student. Sorry about this rant. I must explain that I am not an avid supporter of home schooling, and what I mean is that I don't think it is the only way. But I also know that public school is not for everyone. After this meeting I really felt like I either need to make a ton of money to send AJ to a Montessori school, where I feel he would learn the most, or I need to be prepared to home school him if he doesn't seem to be doing well in public school. I am still just appaled at what the lady said. I think she thought that we all need to be one way and that is the only way to succeed. I have to meet with her again in a week and I definitly think I will be telling her my mind, or maybe I will be cooled down by then.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally an update!

I have been lazy lately. Really I just haven't had time to get pictures on the computer and I haven't really wanted to post without pictures. So here I finally update with some pics too.

Nothing realy has gone on lately. Brady and I sang in church yesterday a duet. It was nice but I always get so nervous. I think playing the piano is easier because if you can screw up you can fake something to make it sound like it was okay but when you screw up singing there is nothing you can do. Oh well, we did great.

We have been looking at houses. We think we found one that might work for our family but now it is the waiting game to see how we can get our downpayment together. It is frustrating knowing we can afford a house payment but can't come up with a couple thousand dollars for a down payment. We'll figure it out, if its meant to be it will happen.

Well, I guess I'll just posts pics now.

This is a before and after of Noble's first hair cut. He needed one a while ago but I had a hard time wanting to cut his hair because he wouldn't look like a baby anymore but more like a toddler. It saddened be to put him in that next stage but I had to do it. Really was because a guy at the store called him a girl and I decided that that shouldn't happen again!

Noble's birthday was a couple weeks ago but here our some pics of him from our little family party.

Noble Loves to play the piano. He looks like the next great pianist to me, don't you think?

After christmas some time we went on a hike my Snow Canyon. It was a little cold and breezy but not to bad. We had fun.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Baby's 1!

Noble turned 1 yesterday. He just had a little family thing. H eloved the cake of course and seem to enjoy one of his presents. I have some cute pictures but my computer is being retarded so I will try loading them later. AJ seemed to under stand the birthday thing better than his brother. He wanted to blow out the candle and open the presents. This was all after he took out a chunk of the cake before I frosted it. Needless to say he ended up in the living room for his own safety, mom was really mad. Noble seemed to have fun though.
So now is his first day of being one and I no longer have a baby I have 2 toddlers. They both get around and make a mess of my house and steal all the energy I have, but they are both oh so cute!! I love my boys I couldn't ask for anything better.
Hope everyone is doing well.