Monday, December 1, 2008

What a week

The last week was quit fun. First we had AJ's last day of gymnastics. He had lots of fun because there was only 4 other kids there instead of 10, he isn't big on crowds. He really enjoyed the personal time and his dad was also there to do the last class. I think Brady had some fun in the foam pit too.

Then we went to Phoenix on Wednesday. The drive wasn't bad but we did leave 5 am in the morning. It rained the whole way until we hit Phoenix. At least it wasn't snow!! We had alot of fun visitng my sister-in-law and her family. AJ enjoyed having someone to play with, his cousin Zander is 4. Thanksgiving was great. Alayna, my sister-in-law, had planned out when to cook things so that everything ended up being done when we wanted to eat. It was perfect. She also taught me how to make rolls, so maybe my next attempt will be perfect, we'll see!

Brady and I played pinacle every night with Alayna and Brandon, her husband. It was nice to play it while children sleep. Brady and I aren't very good but we did manage to win 3 out of 4 games. I do believe the last time we were there we won also, so next time our luck might run out but hey bring it on!!! Well, The real fun part of the trip was Friday, when AJ and Zander chose not to take their nap and AJ jumped off of Zanders bed and, we are guessing, rolled his ankle. He is not a sissy boy and usually won't complain about being hurt but AJ wouldn't even walk on his ankle and it was slightly swollen. So I took him to an urgent care down there and they took 6 x-rays. All that and they just told me it was sprained. They did put a brace on it. We took him to his pediatrician here today and she said that it will be at least a week before he wants to put any weight on it again. So he crawls around everywhere now. Which is kinda funny because Noble has taken off walking, I think Noble realized now is the safest time to get around without a brother running into him.

We are having fun now and enjoying the christmas season. I am already done with christmas shopping thanks to Alayna and our black friday shopping. Happy holidays to all!

I thought I would share this cute picture of AJ. Doesn't he look like his dad? The coat even has elbow patches!

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Caranna said...

Oh, I am so jealous!!! Shopping with my sister is one of my favorite things and you got to do it on Black Friday!!
There's my motivation to earn the money to get down there next year!