Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What we have been up to!

We haven't really been up to much but I thouight i'd share a little.
AJ's ankle seems to being healing well. He has been putting weight on it again and his limp is going away. He thinks he is totally fine so he tries to jump off of things already. AJ has been really fun lately because he is learning the alphabet and doing quit well. He'll run up to me or dad and ask us to read him whatever letter bookhe picked out and he usually will tell you the letter he grabbed. His favorite is C of course cause it has cookies.
Noble has been getting around quit well. I think he is so cute but I know to enjoy the cuteness now because when he turns 18 months I am expecting a flip flop. And if he doesn't do that then I am okay, but better to be prepared. Anyways, Noble gets into everything but AJ has taken to him getting around on his feet okay. I was afraid AJ would get mad and try to push him over but actually sometimes he seems to encourage him and want him to run around with him. AJ is a good brother and Noble really likes to play with his big brother. I put a video on here of my baby walking around too so everyone can see.

I have been finishing sewing some presents and now I am on to my own project for myself. I am hoping all of the sewing projects will be done before we got to Idaho. I guess I won't hold my breath. I have also been attempting pies. I want the pampered chef deep pie stoneware dish but my husband said I needed to make at least three good pies before he would let me do that. I have never made a homemade pie before. I only ever bought the frozen crusts. So on Sunday I made a pecan pie and a cherry pie. My cherry pie even has stars around the crust. I have 2 pies down and 1 to go. We'll here is my proof with an amazing picture.

My husband has also been kept busy recently. He finished our bookcases in November, but I thought I would share a picture of these amazing bookcases he made for us. They are solid wood and quit heavy. I love them though. I have a lot of books, I even have one more box that would not fit on these bookcases. I have the most amazing husband that is for sure. And I love him and all the amazing things he does for me, including making these awesome bookcases.

I have a christmas letter that I will try and upload latter this week for those I don't have an e-mail or home address for.

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