Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So this blog is full of pictures and they will tell our recent going ons.
First of all we left last Thursday to go to Idaho for a before christmas visit. The day we left we had 3 inches of snow in ST George. Who would have thunk we'd get so much here in southern utah. We got back last night and it is all gone but I thought I would show that we really did get a significant amount of snow here.

So the main reason to go to Idaho was to see Uncle Quinten, Brady's youngest brother. He has been in Germany for the last 2 1/2 almost 3 years. So we were excited to see him. So this is a picture of him with my boys.

While we were in Idaho it snowed like a foot on Saturday and it was the good snow. The kinda of snow you can make a snowman with. SO here is our beautiful snowman and boys.

This is me with the boys outside. It took longer to gather up and dress the boys in the winter clothes than the time we spent outside. But AJ liked, poor Noble was a little mad after a while so I went back inside with him while dad took AJ sleding.

Dad and boys. Noble is covered in snow because dad put him down on walkway to walk and he walked right into a snow bank. He didn't like that so much!

We also went into Pocatello to visit frineds and some family. Here is my brother and his wife with our boys.

Now it is christmas time. AJ had fun opening presents. Noble tried a few and then just wanted to eat. Here is a picture of AJ with his new coloring book. After he opened this we lost him. He had also gotten markers from a cousin so he decided colorig was way more fun than openeing anything else.

Here is Noble and dad. Aren't they cute!

And this is our family christmas morning. I made the pajamas and the shirts say White family Christmas. I think we have a cute family. Our christmas was great. The kids had fun and so did my Brady and I watching the boys have so much fun.

Merry christmas to all and we pray that everyone is doing well.


Rachel G said...

These are cute pictures! I need to learn how to sew. That's crazy that your brother is married, I remember when he left!!

Caranna said...

Awe, what cute pictures! I love your Christmas pjs! What great, wintry fabric, you're amazing!
I think it's fun that you actually got some snow, even if it didn't stay long! I always love a white Christmas! (I guess since you're Whites, you'll always have a white Christmas ;)

I like the picture of your boys with Quinten too - I didn't know you were at Bonnie's house when Quinten was, How weird, how did I miss that!?