Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So this blog is full of pictures and they will tell our recent going ons.
First of all we left last Thursday to go to Idaho for a before christmas visit. The day we left we had 3 inches of snow in ST George. Who would have thunk we'd get so much here in southern utah. We got back last night and it is all gone but I thought I would show that we really did get a significant amount of snow here.

So the main reason to go to Idaho was to see Uncle Quinten, Brady's youngest brother. He has been in Germany for the last 2 1/2 almost 3 years. So we were excited to see him. So this is a picture of him with my boys.

While we were in Idaho it snowed like a foot on Saturday and it was the good snow. The kinda of snow you can make a snowman with. SO here is our beautiful snowman and boys.

This is me with the boys outside. It took longer to gather up and dress the boys in the winter clothes than the time we spent outside. But AJ liked, poor Noble was a little mad after a while so I went back inside with him while dad took AJ sleding.

Dad and boys. Noble is covered in snow because dad put him down on walkway to walk and he walked right into a snow bank. He didn't like that so much!

We also went into Pocatello to visit frineds and some family. Here is my brother and his wife with our boys.

Now it is christmas time. AJ had fun opening presents. Noble tried a few and then just wanted to eat. Here is a picture of AJ with his new coloring book. After he opened this we lost him. He had also gotten markers from a cousin so he decided colorig was way more fun than openeing anything else.

Here is Noble and dad. Aren't they cute!

And this is our family christmas morning. I made the pajamas and the shirts say White family Christmas. I think we have a cute family. Our christmas was great. The kids had fun and so did my Brady and I watching the boys have so much fun.

Merry christmas to all and we pray that everyone is doing well.

Monday, December 15, 2008

not really snow=(

So no snow stuck and it only snowed for a half hour. Not fair. The news said it might snow a little today. This morning at 7 my car said it was 29 degrees so their is a chance of it snowing if we actually get a storm. Well, as long as it doesn't snow this weekend when we go to Idaho I will be fine.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Really it is snowing right now in St George. When I got out of the temple it was raining at about 6pm and at 7:30 it is starting to snow. You can see a little on our neighbors red truck but other than that I don't think much will stick. It is still kinda of exciting. Maybe there will be enough for the kids to play in for a few seconds tomorrow morning.
Now I feel ready for christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Family Christmas Letter 2008

Below is our christmas letter. The one we sent out has pictures on it but I can't figure out how this site takes pdf files to upload. Anyways, here is our year in review.

December 2008
Dear family & friends,
The past year has brought many changes for the White family. We’d thought we’d better give you the rundown so you’ll be up to speed on where we’re at and what we’re up to.
Noble Jedediah joined our family on January 11, 2008. He weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 21 ½ inched long. He has grown quickly and has been mostly healthy, aside from developing an inguinal hernia last spring. We took him to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City for surgery in April to have that fixed and he came through the procedure much better then his mother did. He has been crawling for months and is now starting to walk, so of course he gets in to everything and tries to go swimming in the toilet every time we turn our backs long enough. He has a smile that will melt your heart and a squeal that will pop your eardrums. We are happy to have him in our family.
Alan Jay turned two in February and exemplifies the terrible twos. He initially struggled with no longer being the only child, and he still has trouble sharing sometimes, but he is usually a good big brother. He isn’t talking much yet, but surprises us with new words every day. He loves to sing and sometimes we even recognize the songs he’s singing. He has been taking gymnastics and although he has trouble waiting his turn and sitting still, he is fearless and very good at running, jumping, and doing flips.
Brady enjoyed his job at the nursing home in Pocatello, but when the economy started slipping and his monthly bonuses started shrinking, he decided it was time to start looking for something else. He had a few interviews in July and ended up taking a job with Intermountain Healthcare, working as a public relations specialist at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah. He got to work finishing up last minute projects on the house in Pocatello so that it would be ready to sell and the whole family packed up and moved to southern Utah in August. Our house sold within two months and now we’re renting a townhome on the south end of St. George. He kinda misses having a house to work on, but he has been keeping busy building two bookcases and doing other little projects here and there.
Brady loves his new job and the people he is working with. His job responsibilities include writing and producing a weekly employee newsletter, maintaining both an internal and a public website ( if you’re interested in checking it out), and helping develop marketing materials for several departments within the hospital. He’s with a great company with excellent benefits and there are plenty of opportunities for him to move up the ranks.
Annalea has her hands full taking care of two energetic little boys, but she still finds time to bake bread, maintain the household, and learn to play the violin. She is enjoying the mild winter and beautiful scenery in St. George, but is really missing friends and family in Idaho. She is making some new friends, but it is a slow process. She really misses our old house but is glad her husband can spend time with the family on the weekends instead of pounding nails and crawling around in the attic. She misses having a backyard and hopes we can find a place in St. George with a yard before long.
At church, Brady and Anna were both called to be primary teachers for the 5 year-olds within three weeks of coming to our new ward. Being in the primary does make it harder to meet people in the ward but we enjoy our class. While trying to get a room full of youngsters to sit still is challenging, Brady thinks it is a bit easier than being Elder’s Quorum President.
The big move limited our vacationing this summer, but we have tried to visit some local attractions this fall, including Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Kolob Canyon. We also had an unexpected trip to Preston, ID and Vernal, UT in October for Brady’s grandmother’s funeral. Our townhouse is only five miles from Arizona, so we had to head south and visit Brady’s sister Alayna and her family in Phoenix for Thanksgiving. We plan to spend Christmas back in Idaho with family there.
We love you all and wish you the best during these bleak economic times. We’re just a short drive from several national parks and beautiful scenery and the weather is pretty nice around here most of the time, so please feel free to come visit us sometime.
With lots of love,
The Whites

Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What we have been up to!

We haven't really been up to much but I thouight i'd share a little.
AJ's ankle seems to being healing well. He has been putting weight on it again and his limp is going away. He thinks he is totally fine so he tries to jump off of things already. AJ has been really fun lately because he is learning the alphabet and doing quit well. He'll run up to me or dad and ask us to read him whatever letter bookhe picked out and he usually will tell you the letter he grabbed. His favorite is C of course cause it has cookies.
Noble has been getting around quit well. I think he is so cute but I know to enjoy the cuteness now because when he turns 18 months I am expecting a flip flop. And if he doesn't do that then I am okay, but better to be prepared. Anyways, Noble gets into everything but AJ has taken to him getting around on his feet okay. I was afraid AJ would get mad and try to push him over but actually sometimes he seems to encourage him and want him to run around with him. AJ is a good brother and Noble really likes to play with his big brother. I put a video on here of my baby walking around too so everyone can see.

I have been finishing sewing some presents and now I am on to my own project for myself. I am hoping all of the sewing projects will be done before we got to Idaho. I guess I won't hold my breath. I have also been attempting pies. I want the pampered chef deep pie stoneware dish but my husband said I needed to make at least three good pies before he would let me do that. I have never made a homemade pie before. I only ever bought the frozen crusts. So on Sunday I made a pecan pie and a cherry pie. My cherry pie even has stars around the crust. I have 2 pies down and 1 to go. We'll here is my proof with an amazing picture.

My husband has also been kept busy recently. He finished our bookcases in November, but I thought I would share a picture of these amazing bookcases he made for us. They are solid wood and quit heavy. I love them though. I have a lot of books, I even have one more box that would not fit on these bookcases. I have the most amazing husband that is for sure. And I love him and all the amazing things he does for me, including making these awesome bookcases.

I have a christmas letter that I will try and upload latter this week for those I don't have an e-mail or home address for.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a week

The last week was quit fun. First we had AJ's last day of gymnastics. He had lots of fun because there was only 4 other kids there instead of 10, he isn't big on crowds. He really enjoyed the personal time and his dad was also there to do the last class. I think Brady had some fun in the foam pit too.

Then we went to Phoenix on Wednesday. The drive wasn't bad but we did leave 5 am in the morning. It rained the whole way until we hit Phoenix. At least it wasn't snow!! We had alot of fun visitng my sister-in-law and her family. AJ enjoyed having someone to play with, his cousin Zander is 4. Thanksgiving was great. Alayna, my sister-in-law, had planned out when to cook things so that everything ended up being done when we wanted to eat. It was perfect. She also taught me how to make rolls, so maybe my next attempt will be perfect, we'll see!

Brady and I played pinacle every night with Alayna and Brandon, her husband. It was nice to play it while children sleep. Brady and I aren't very good but we did manage to win 3 out of 4 games. I do believe the last time we were there we won also, so next time our luck might run out but hey bring it on!!! Well, The real fun part of the trip was Friday, when AJ and Zander chose not to take their nap and AJ jumped off of Zanders bed and, we are guessing, rolled his ankle. He is not a sissy boy and usually won't complain about being hurt but AJ wouldn't even walk on his ankle and it was slightly swollen. So I took him to an urgent care down there and they took 6 x-rays. All that and they just told me it was sprained. They did put a brace on it. We took him to his pediatrician here today and she said that it will be at least a week before he wants to put any weight on it again. So he crawls around everywhere now. Which is kinda funny because Noble has taken off walking, I think Noble realized now is the safest time to get around without a brother running into him.

We are having fun now and enjoying the christmas season. I am already done with christmas shopping thanks to Alayna and our black friday shopping. Happy holidays to all!

I thought I would share this cute picture of AJ. Doesn't he look like his dad? The coat even has elbow patches!