Saturday, November 1, 2008

What Happened to Thanksgiving!!?

So my question for tonight is what happened to thanksgiving? Really, we went to the store tonight and they were getting rid of all the halloween stuff and were playing christmas music and had christmas trees up and santa out, the whole works. I am not against the christmas music but come on people decorate a little for thanksgiving.

I am not a huge fan of halloween, if it disappeared off of our holiday list I wouldn't care to much, though I would miss the pumpkin seeds. It is thanksgiving that I love the most. As a kid that is when we would really try to get together as family. And it was also when I could eat some really good food, stuff I don't remember getting for the rest of the year (love you mom). So I am totally looking forward to greenbean casserole, some homemade stuffing and some cherry pie (because I don't like pumpkin pie).

Anyways, our halloween. It was fun. On thursday our ward had a chili cook off. I am proud to say that I won the best vegetarian chili, though I wonder if mine was the only one entered. AJ played some games around the church and then enjoyed his first halloween he understood, last year he didn't get the whole open the bag and keep the candy in the bag thing. On thursday we all dressed up as a bunch of farmers. I found out that I still fit my overalls that I got my freshman year of high school, even after two kids. I felt pretty good.

Then on halloween AJ dressed up as a fix it man. I wanted him to go as that to the ward party but I was worried he might lose all his toys. He was really cute. We just went to a few houses in our neighborhood and went home, which was fine with AJ cause he spent the rest of the night trying to eat all his candy. I caught on and we sent him to bed. Brady and I watched the new Indiana Jones movie, I guess not much of a halloween movie but we liked it.

Today Brady has been working on our bookcases all day. All thats left is to sand one and stain them. They look amazing, I have such a talented husband, and really cute kids. Which Noble took two continuos steps today, he fell on the third. He is so cute. He says dada when dad comes home and now claps when he wants more food (he hasn't gotten the closed hand for more so he just claps). He can also repeat his name sometimes. Dad called his name from another room and Noble looked at me and said his name, he is sooooo cute.

I found out that my best frined from college had her little girl last night and then my best friend from high school had her little boy 2 weeks ago. Isn't it so excited to hear from friends that they are having babies too? Maybe I am just weird but I was really excited for them, or maybe it is just now we have that much more in common! Well, that is all our news. Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween.
Mr. Fix-It wanting the trick-or-treaters candy.

He is so cute, he really does try to use his tools to help dad fix things.

These our my farmer boys, AJ has left over chili on his shirt.

These pumpkins are supposed to represent the kids, though neither one wanted to help. AJ found the remote and watch the disney channel, and Noble wanted to eat the insides to we just kept him busy with gold fish crackers.


Caranna said...

I guess I'm one of those skip over Thanksgiving kind of people. I woke up and said, 'Ok, we don't have to worry about Halloween costumes any more, what can we make for Christmas presents!?'
And, I sang Christmas songs all day!
I guess I'd better start planning Thanksgiving before I get too far ahead of myself though.
What are your plans?
Candy turns Canton into a monster! SO we have it well hidden, and he only got one piece today. I on the other hand...
Hope everyone in your house is well and happy:

I'm always excited about babies too!!

Love you!

Alayna said...

I'm with you! I have always wondered why people skip over Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas. It really is sad.
But, this year, as I am in the retail business and want to get people to buy my stuff (heh heh heh), I at least sort of understand the mentality. The sooner you can get people thinking about Christmas, the sooner you can get them to spend money, right?!