Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to think

So I thought I would share my thoughts.
I went to stake conference yesterday. While I was sitting there I was thinking about some of AJ's character traits or personality that seems to drive me nuts. Ironically any one who knows my son well and me knows that the poor kid has inherited much of my temperment and personality. The one trait that always sticks out to me is his stubborness. Sometimes, okay all the time, it is really hard to deal with. He just doesn't get it, somethings just don't work the way you want it to, I still don't get it I guess!! Anyways, I thought that his stubborness could actually be such a wonderful trait to have. It is obvious that these are the last days. When I was growing up it was much more difficult than when my parents were growing up and to think that it is even going to be worse for my kids some times scares me. I got to thinking that his stubborness could just be one of those traits that will keep him on the straight and narrow later in life, as long as we teach him right. I guess all this pondering just put me in a new perspective of his traits that reek havoc on my sanity some days. I really can look at my own life and see were my persistance and stubborness has kept me making right descisions. I guess he might turn out okay after all.

So my next thought while sitting there was how much the Lord has blessed me and my family. Sometimes people forget to put credit where credit is due. Thus I am going to tell all of you that we have not had all these wonderful things happen to us recently because we are amazing but because we trusted in our Lord and followed what he wanted us to do. Even though it was hard, didn't entirely make sense, and left us wondering for a while.
When we moved we left our house in Idaho unsold and moved to Utah knowing full well that we would not be able to afford making rent and a mortgage. Now most people would have stayed until their house sold and tried to get the new job to wait a month or so. We opted not to do this. The reason was because we took our matter to the Lord, we prayed about the job and whether we should move and what not. Leaving out most the details I can tell you without a doubt that moving without our house sold and starting the job right away was what the Lord wanted. Was it easy? Are you kidding, I left my house unsold and didn't know if I would be able to feed my family! But my husband and I knew we would be taken care of by the Lord if and only if we followed what he had guided us to do. So we packed up and left, house unsold. Long story short, after a little less than 2 months we signed papers and sold our house, even with a little profit which is amazing in this economy. We never went hungry, we paid all our bills, and still had fun. I am not writing this to show how good we are for following what the Lord said but to share my testimony of personal revelation. The Lord speaks to each of us and has a plan for each of us. For whatever reason this is where the Lord wants us now. I know that if everyone prayed ernestly about what the Lord wanted them to do and honestly followed what the Lord guided them to do, that in the end, they would be so much better off.

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