Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life in the White House

So there is really nothing exciting going on. Noble can climb all the way up the stairs if someone leaves the gate open. A little surprise for me when I was trying to finish getting ready upstairs and AJ left the gate open downstairs next I knew Noble was half way up the stairs. Crazy kid can do way to much for 10 months old! AJ is getting better at talking. He is pretty much making 2 word phrases all the time and we are now working on 3 words, which is getting better at too. Life has been pretty good with these kids. AJ is getting better at learning what it means to wait his turn. In gymnastics we have to wait all the time for the next event because some kids are faster or slower than others. So we have learned to stand and count. He can now count to five. This is great but now when I am playing the piano sometimes I can hear him counting waiting for him to have his turn, pretty cute, I guess I can't turn him down to play the piano because he has been really nice about waiting.
As for me, I had a littl eclass at church about how this whole couponing thing works. Now it seems simple that you just use the coupons whenever you need them, but they explained that you can doublke up coupons if one is a store coupon and the other a manufacture coupon. Also if Albertson's is having a sale and you have soupons for things they have on sale it can really cut costs. So I got some frozen vegetable boxes for 50 cents because I had a coupon on top of their deal. Albertsons also ahd a thing if you bought $30 of certain items, which I had coupons for, you get $15 to spend there next time. So because the $30 is before coupons I actually only paid $26 after taxes and still got $15 back. Which I used yesterday on meat since it was on sale, getting 4 lbs ground beef and 3 pounds ribs and 1 soda because I deserved it, for $1.01. I feel like I am doing okay. It is true sometimes that you can get the store brand cheaper but if you have a coupon and it is on sale at the store I am willing to bet that it is then cheaper than the generic. My best find was yesterday I got cearel at Walgreens, yes Walgreens, for $1.50 a box plus I got $2 to spend the next time I got there. The boxess were on sale and I had a dollar of coupon. The $2 deal was if I bought 4 boxes and I had 4 coupons so it works out that really I only paid $1 a box. Well, anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful November and has excellent plans for Thanksgiving. We are going to Phoenix to visit my sister-in-laws family. We are excited to see them and have a little vacation.

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