Monday, November 24, 2008

Kids are Cute

So not much has been going on. We took the kids on a hike without the stroller. So Aj was left to wonder and try to follow us and Noble was in the backpack. It was nice to be hiking in red rocks. It was really pretty and AJ enjoyed crawling into the crevesses in the rock and crawling around inside and then trying to find a way out. After the hike we came home and the kids slept for 3 hours, that was the best part.
So yesterday Brady and I sang in the ward choir. One lady I visit teach was sweet enough to watch the kids so that we both sing. When we were starting to sing I could see AJ's head hanging over the pew in front of him and he pointed up at me and said "mommy upstairs", he knows you have to walk up some stairs so anything that has stairs is "upstairs". It was really cute, I think I smiled really big for the rest of the song. AJ usually doesn't care where we are at unless he needs something so it is nice to see that he really does love me.
Noble is cute too. He is going to be walking completely soon. He lets go and walks about 6 steps a couple times a day now. He could do more but he gets a little nervous when his brother comes walking in. He has learned the the higher you are the more it hurts when your brother pushes you!! Noble also likes to yell AJ's name, like when AJ was wondering off to far when we were hiking I started yelling his name and then you can here Noble going "Aj". He is really cute and way to inquisitive gfor his age. I blame that on him being so mobile. I went on a hike the other day with some friends I met and one lady said I had big kids. I guess AJ is still pretty big for his age but I think that Noble is so skinny. He is definetly healty, the boy eats a ton, but he is only like 21 lbs and AJ was a little bit heavier at this AJ. SO I suppose Noble is normal and AJ was really the heavy one. Anyhow, they are both rather cute and I think I'll keep them!!
I hope every ones Thanksgiving is good and that everyone is able to think of all the wonderful things they are thankful for.


Caranna said...

I'm so glad that you feel like keeping your kids today!
I agree, I think your kids are giant! But I guess it all depends on what you compare them to. This last time we took Tate to the doctor he weighed in at 35 pounds. Seems a little light for a 4 year old. But no one's worried. All my kids have been right on the 50% mark their whole lives, so I guess they are down right average! And all my friends just have big kids, so there! :P
I was watching Ryan Hardcastle walking around on wobbly legs at church yesterday, and was wondering in Noble was doing the same thing (since they're about the same age).
We love you and are glad to hear you're doing well!

Caranna said...

Oh, and I was going to say... Our ward has been announcing choir practices for the ward Christmas program. Ryan and I have both looked at each other and said, 'wouldn't that be nice?'
But I think we've both decided that there's no-way we can sing in the choir until our children are a little older.
We have a hard enough time wrestling them, and I'm not sure that anyone else would be up to the task!
SO - Lucky you! And way to go!