Monday, November 24, 2008

Kids are Cute

So not much has been going on. We took the kids on a hike without the stroller. So Aj was left to wonder and try to follow us and Noble was in the backpack. It was nice to be hiking in red rocks. It was really pretty and AJ enjoyed crawling into the crevesses in the rock and crawling around inside and then trying to find a way out. After the hike we came home and the kids slept for 3 hours, that was the best part.
So yesterday Brady and I sang in the ward choir. One lady I visit teach was sweet enough to watch the kids so that we both sing. When we were starting to sing I could see AJ's head hanging over the pew in front of him and he pointed up at me and said "mommy upstairs", he knows you have to walk up some stairs so anything that has stairs is "upstairs". It was really cute, I think I smiled really big for the rest of the song. AJ usually doesn't care where we are at unless he needs something so it is nice to see that he really does love me.
Noble is cute too. He is going to be walking completely soon. He lets go and walks about 6 steps a couple times a day now. He could do more but he gets a little nervous when his brother comes walking in. He has learned the the higher you are the more it hurts when your brother pushes you!! Noble also likes to yell AJ's name, like when AJ was wondering off to far when we were hiking I started yelling his name and then you can here Noble going "Aj". He is really cute and way to inquisitive gfor his age. I blame that on him being so mobile. I went on a hike the other day with some friends I met and one lady said I had big kids. I guess AJ is still pretty big for his age but I think that Noble is so skinny. He is definetly healty, the boy eats a ton, but he is only like 21 lbs and AJ was a little bit heavier at this AJ. SO I suppose Noble is normal and AJ was really the heavy one. Anyhow, they are both rather cute and I think I'll keep them!!
I hope every ones Thanksgiving is good and that everyone is able to think of all the wonderful things they are thankful for.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to think

So I thought I would share my thoughts.
I went to stake conference yesterday. While I was sitting there I was thinking about some of AJ's character traits or personality that seems to drive me nuts. Ironically any one who knows my son well and me knows that the poor kid has inherited much of my temperment and personality. The one trait that always sticks out to me is his stubborness. Sometimes, okay all the time, it is really hard to deal with. He just doesn't get it, somethings just don't work the way you want it to, I still don't get it I guess!! Anyways, I thought that his stubborness could actually be such a wonderful trait to have. It is obvious that these are the last days. When I was growing up it was much more difficult than when my parents were growing up and to think that it is even going to be worse for my kids some times scares me. I got to thinking that his stubborness could just be one of those traits that will keep him on the straight and narrow later in life, as long as we teach him right. I guess all this pondering just put me in a new perspective of his traits that reek havoc on my sanity some days. I really can look at my own life and see were my persistance and stubborness has kept me making right descisions. I guess he might turn out okay after all.

So my next thought while sitting there was how much the Lord has blessed me and my family. Sometimes people forget to put credit where credit is due. Thus I am going to tell all of you that we have not had all these wonderful things happen to us recently because we are amazing but because we trusted in our Lord and followed what he wanted us to do. Even though it was hard, didn't entirely make sense, and left us wondering for a while.
When we moved we left our house in Idaho unsold and moved to Utah knowing full well that we would not be able to afford making rent and a mortgage. Now most people would have stayed until their house sold and tried to get the new job to wait a month or so. We opted not to do this. The reason was because we took our matter to the Lord, we prayed about the job and whether we should move and what not. Leaving out most the details I can tell you without a doubt that moving without our house sold and starting the job right away was what the Lord wanted. Was it easy? Are you kidding, I left my house unsold and didn't know if I would be able to feed my family! But my husband and I knew we would be taken care of by the Lord if and only if we followed what he had guided us to do. So we packed up and left, house unsold. Long story short, after a little less than 2 months we signed papers and sold our house, even with a little profit which is amazing in this economy. We never went hungry, we paid all our bills, and still had fun. I am not writing this to show how good we are for following what the Lord said but to share my testimony of personal revelation. The Lord speaks to each of us and has a plan for each of us. For whatever reason this is where the Lord wants us now. I know that if everyone prayed ernestly about what the Lord wanted them to do and honestly followed what the Lord guided them to do, that in the end, they would be so much better off.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life in the White House

So there is really nothing exciting going on. Noble can climb all the way up the stairs if someone leaves the gate open. A little surprise for me when I was trying to finish getting ready upstairs and AJ left the gate open downstairs next I knew Noble was half way up the stairs. Crazy kid can do way to much for 10 months old! AJ is getting better at talking. He is pretty much making 2 word phrases all the time and we are now working on 3 words, which is getting better at too. Life has been pretty good with these kids. AJ is getting better at learning what it means to wait his turn. In gymnastics we have to wait all the time for the next event because some kids are faster or slower than others. So we have learned to stand and count. He can now count to five. This is great but now when I am playing the piano sometimes I can hear him counting waiting for him to have his turn, pretty cute, I guess I can't turn him down to play the piano because he has been really nice about waiting.
As for me, I had a littl eclass at church about how this whole couponing thing works. Now it seems simple that you just use the coupons whenever you need them, but they explained that you can doublke up coupons if one is a store coupon and the other a manufacture coupon. Also if Albertson's is having a sale and you have soupons for things they have on sale it can really cut costs. So I got some frozen vegetable boxes for 50 cents because I had a coupon on top of their deal. Albertsons also ahd a thing if you bought $30 of certain items, which I had coupons for, you get $15 to spend there next time. So because the $30 is before coupons I actually only paid $26 after taxes and still got $15 back. Which I used yesterday on meat since it was on sale, getting 4 lbs ground beef and 3 pounds ribs and 1 soda because I deserved it, for $1.01. I feel like I am doing okay. It is true sometimes that you can get the store brand cheaper but if you have a coupon and it is on sale at the store I am willing to bet that it is then cheaper than the generic. My best find was yesterday I got cearel at Walgreens, yes Walgreens, for $1.50 a box plus I got $2 to spend the next time I got there. The boxess were on sale and I had a dollar of coupon. The $2 deal was if I bought 4 boxes and I had 4 coupons so it works out that really I only paid $1 a box. Well, anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful November and has excellent plans for Thanksgiving. We are going to Phoenix to visit my sister-in-laws family. We are excited to see them and have a little vacation.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What Happened to Thanksgiving!!?

So my question for tonight is what happened to thanksgiving? Really, we went to the store tonight and they were getting rid of all the halloween stuff and were playing christmas music and had christmas trees up and santa out, the whole works. I am not against the christmas music but come on people decorate a little for thanksgiving.

I am not a huge fan of halloween, if it disappeared off of our holiday list I wouldn't care to much, though I would miss the pumpkin seeds. It is thanksgiving that I love the most. As a kid that is when we would really try to get together as family. And it was also when I could eat some really good food, stuff I don't remember getting for the rest of the year (love you mom). So I am totally looking forward to greenbean casserole, some homemade stuffing and some cherry pie (because I don't like pumpkin pie).

Anyways, our halloween. It was fun. On thursday our ward had a chili cook off. I am proud to say that I won the best vegetarian chili, though I wonder if mine was the only one entered. AJ played some games around the church and then enjoyed his first halloween he understood, last year he didn't get the whole open the bag and keep the candy in the bag thing. On thursday we all dressed up as a bunch of farmers. I found out that I still fit my overalls that I got my freshman year of high school, even after two kids. I felt pretty good.

Then on halloween AJ dressed up as a fix it man. I wanted him to go as that to the ward party but I was worried he might lose all his toys. He was really cute. We just went to a few houses in our neighborhood and went home, which was fine with AJ cause he spent the rest of the night trying to eat all his candy. I caught on and we sent him to bed. Brady and I watched the new Indiana Jones movie, I guess not much of a halloween movie but we liked it.

Today Brady has been working on our bookcases all day. All thats left is to sand one and stain them. They look amazing, I have such a talented husband, and really cute kids. Which Noble took two continuos steps today, he fell on the third. He is so cute. He says dada when dad comes home and now claps when he wants more food (he hasn't gotten the closed hand for more so he just claps). He can also repeat his name sometimes. Dad called his name from another room and Noble looked at me and said his name, he is sooooo cute.

I found out that my best frined from college had her little girl last night and then my best friend from high school had her little boy 2 weeks ago. Isn't it so excited to hear from friends that they are having babies too? Maybe I am just weird but I was really excited for them, or maybe it is just now we have that much more in common! Well, that is all our news. Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween.
Mr. Fix-It wanting the trick-or-treaters candy.

He is so cute, he really does try to use his tools to help dad fix things.

These our my farmer boys, AJ has left over chili on his shirt.

These pumpkins are supposed to represent the kids, though neither one wanted to help. AJ found the remote and watch the disney channel, and Noble wanted to eat the insides to we just kept him busy with gold fish crackers.