Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Trip

We took a quick trip today to Kolob and Cedar Breaks. It was fun and since they are close to home it didn't take all day and we were back in time for afternoon naps. I thought I would share some pictures.
The first two are at Kolob and the last two are at Cedar Breaks. Both gorgeous places to visit if you ever have the chance.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Update

I realized it had been a while since I had updated so I finally do have a few things to write. Starting today. The boys had their doctors appt. with their new pediatrician. The joy of moving is you have to go back through the search of finding people you like. Luckily I liked our doctor so I don't have to look for that anymore. Noble was 29 inches tall and weighed 20.5 lbs. AJ was 36 lbs. I don't think AJ has gained any weight for a while and Noble only gained 1 pound from his 6 month to his 9 month check up. I gues they are both slowing down in growing.
A couple weeks ago our family went on a fun trip to Idaho and then to Vernal Utah. The reason was for Brady's grandmas funeral. It was one of those funerals that wasn't really sad cause grandma was 98 years old and had been in bad health for years. It was more of a remembrance of her long life. I learned alot about her at the funerals and felt like she must have been a really fun and interesting person to be around. I guess I'll get to know her better after I die, which won't be for a very long time!

So I guess not much else has gone on. This weekend we plan on going to Kolob. We want to see a few more sites before it starts snowing more in those areas.

Oh so the exciting news is that we sold our house. It was all official October 6th. We didn'tmake much money off of it but we were glad it sold and to be done with that chapter of our life. Now it feels like we can move on into the next chapter and enjoy our time here in Utah.
This is a pic of AJ in Preston having fun with the leaves.

The kids were bored waiting inside during the viewing so they all went outside. I think the boys decided to make me their leaf pile. It was kind of funny.This is our family. We took this one in vernal.This is Noble. He is just so cute.