Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Lonely without my better half=(

My husband is on his retreat and will be back tomorrow around the normal time he gets home everyday. I think I learn to appreciate all the things he helps me with when he is gone. Like getting the kids up in the morning. I am so not a morning person. I like it when after I feed the baby he takes him downstairs to play while I get myself ready and then I get the oldest up and we go have breakfast as a fam. Well since dad wasn't here, I tried getting ready with my baby but he just wanted to nurse more instead of play, I think he needs to leave the room to have something else on his mind. AJ got up okay but wasn't to interested in eating and we totally forgot to read scriptures and say prayer this morning all because dad was gone. I am so glad I have a wonderful husband who helps keep us in order in our house.
Today wasn't all bad, the kids went to bad rather nicely. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I am going to take them to the dinosaur farm and hopefully that will fill up part of our day so it won't seem so long. Maybe we'll have a picnic too because it is finally cooling down a bit. I just wish they had more trees here to find shade under, oh well.

So, we are looking at new tvs and I was wondering if anybody had suggestions on what they have whether you like it or not. We are looking at either a 27" or a 32", anything bigger than that is to big. Heck, that is way bigger than our 14" which is even smaller when you watch those widescreen movies. Well, I wouldn't mind some input if anybody had some.

So this is our new home. It is definetly different renting and not owning our own home anymore. There is the advantage of not having to fix everything, we call someone to do that. Yet there is the many design flaws in this place that I would love to rip out and redo, don't get me started on how unintelligent this person was when they designed our "walk-in closet". Well, none the less it is our home and we love it here.

This pic is from our trip to Cedar City Labor day weekend. I hardly ever get a picture with my boys cause I am always taking it so Brady was kind enough to take one of me to prove that these our my children, not the stretch marks are proof enough!

I think we need to work on that picture taking thing. Neither one of them really seem to get the whole smile for the camera, it usually comes after the flash. Weird!

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