Monday, September 8, 2008

Bank Fraud

BEWARE, we just had a bank statement come from my husbands bank and it had a charge of 9.70 that I knew he had not made. The company is Image Company out of NJ and the phone number for the place is 1-888-329-3564. Watch out it is a fraud.
Keep a close eye on your accounts. It is debted so the bank usually will not refund it. I guess I am supposed to keep track of my husbands account not too. I had assumed he checked on line occassionally but I guess not.
Just everyone watch out. I know someone else that had this happen to them so I know we are not the first nor are we going to be the last.


Rachel G said...

This EXACT same thing happened to us a few months ago, same amount and everything! Our bank had no problem refunding it though. They were able to track which debit card the charge was made through, and we cancelled that card and got a new one.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Same Issue for us. We had $9.70 debit from our account. The companies ( Image Company, NJ) 888# is 888-329-3564, when dialed said it was disconnected.

The bank is refunding our money( will take 90 days).