Monday, August 4, 2008


For all those who do not know we are moving to St George Utah this weekend. Yes, no warning for those who live far away. I myself have only really known for a week and a half. We are well on are way to being totally packed. Our only hang up is selling the house right now. If anybody out there knows anybody who wants to by our house please send them our way. Other than our house, we are totally ready to be gone. If anyone is free this friday we wouldn't mind some help too. We are loading the U-haul friday evening and taking off on Saturday. So long to Pocatello Idaho. Utah here we come. Hope everyone else lives has been less eventful than ours and quit a bit less stressful than mine!! Love all you out there.


Rachel G said...

Why are you moving there?!!?

Caranna said...

How exciting! It has all happened pretty fast! You must be very busy, you couldn't even stop for 2 minutes to talk to me yesterday!? What's up with that!? j/k
We're so happy for you! Let me know what I can do to help.