Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just one of those days.

It was just one of those days for me. Those days were you can't seem to be happy and everything that can cause stress in your life weighs down on your shoulders like a ton of bricks. I feel bad for my kids when I am like that. Noble cried most the day, though I think he is teething cause he has cried all week and has driven me nuts. AJ just kinda did his own thing today. He is getting pretty good and knowing which days are better to leave mom alone. I think he was tipped off on that when mom started crying today for no reason, well there was a reason but I am not going to write it here. Anyways, this evening Brady and I, and the kids of course, went to look for a couch. We need one and can afford one once our house sells! Well, we went to this totally awesome store that had a tv with cartoons on and toys for AJ and when we walked around they had those car carts they have at the mall for the kids, and they were free to use. AJ loved it and we didn't have to keep yelling at him to not push the lamp off the desk or not jump up and down on the couches. Okay so we did have to tell him a few times but overall he stayed in his little taxi!! Kids are great fun! I never thought I would miss having a couch as much as I have. Oh well, there are worse things. Hope everyone else is enjoying cooler weather, I think Phoenix was even cooler than us today. We were around 107, and thank heaven for air conditioners!

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Caranna said...

I'm sorry you had a sad day! I have far more of those than I care to admit. I hope that the rest of the week goes better!
I'm glad I have a couch! I think I have too many!