Sunday, August 31, 2008

Darn construcition road and tires

So we now have one complete flat tire which we had to change today while on our drive in Santa Clara. Our other car has a slow leak in it, figured that out when we were in Cedar City on Saturday. So we believe that these problems are caused by the road they are tearing apart that goes to the freeway. We now will not take that road anymore. Hopefully our tires are still good and only need patching.
Well, we were in Santa Clara today because yesterday they did an unveiling of statues of my ancestors. They had the old Utah governor Mike Leavitt talk at it beacuse he is also a descendant. I think it is fun to go and learn about the people who came before us. Especially those who are the first to areas and have to settle them on their own. It was neat seeing the statues and reading stories about the people. Some of the stories I had heard which makes me feel good that I can remember a few stories that my grandma has told me. It is such a wonderful oppurtunity for me to live here in St George now because there is a ton of family history. From the builing of the temple to the settling of towns it is amazing to hear and see what my ancestors did then and now to see what the towns have grown into. I am so excited to learn more.
Oh, just so those who were following I took some diflucan for my infection and they gave me nystatin cream to put directly on the problem. Some of the burning has gone away, but I figure it might take a couple weeks for the cream to get rid of all the readness but I hope the diflucan got rid of the rest.
Brady wanted me to tell all that we had a light bulb explode in our family room. Never heard nor seen such a thing, have any of you? Hopefully it won't happen again because we have a 7 month old who believes everything goes in his mouth and a two year old who would have used it to possibly beat up his brother (having issues with pushing from older brother). Anyways, I have to finish making my bread, hope all is well with everyone else.

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