Sunday, August 31, 2008

Darn construcition road and tires

So we now have one complete flat tire which we had to change today while on our drive in Santa Clara. Our other car has a slow leak in it, figured that out when we were in Cedar City on Saturday. So we believe that these problems are caused by the road they are tearing apart that goes to the freeway. We now will not take that road anymore. Hopefully our tires are still good and only need patching.
Well, we were in Santa Clara today because yesterday they did an unveiling of statues of my ancestors. They had the old Utah governor Mike Leavitt talk at it beacuse he is also a descendant. I think it is fun to go and learn about the people who came before us. Especially those who are the first to areas and have to settle them on their own. It was neat seeing the statues and reading stories about the people. Some of the stories I had heard which makes me feel good that I can remember a few stories that my grandma has told me. It is such a wonderful oppurtunity for me to live here in St George now because there is a ton of family history. From the builing of the temple to the settling of towns it is amazing to hear and see what my ancestors did then and now to see what the towns have grown into. I am so excited to learn more.
Oh, just so those who were following I took some diflucan for my infection and they gave me nystatin cream to put directly on the problem. Some of the burning has gone away, but I figure it might take a couple weeks for the cream to get rid of all the readness but I hope the diflucan got rid of the rest.
Brady wanted me to tell all that we had a light bulb explode in our family room. Never heard nor seen such a thing, have any of you? Hopefully it won't happen again because we have a 7 month old who believes everything goes in his mouth and a two year old who would have used it to possibly beat up his brother (having issues with pushing from older brother). Anyways, I have to finish making my bread, hope all is well with everyone else.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just one of those days.

It was just one of those days for me. Those days were you can't seem to be happy and everything that can cause stress in your life weighs down on your shoulders like a ton of bricks. I feel bad for my kids when I am like that. Noble cried most the day, though I think he is teething cause he has cried all week and has driven me nuts. AJ just kinda did his own thing today. He is getting pretty good and knowing which days are better to leave mom alone. I think he was tipped off on that when mom started crying today for no reason, well there was a reason but I am not going to write it here. Anyways, this evening Brady and I, and the kids of course, went to look for a couch. We need one and can afford one once our house sells! Well, we went to this totally awesome store that had a tv with cartoons on and toys for AJ and when we walked around they had those car carts they have at the mall for the kids, and they were free to use. AJ loved it and we didn't have to keep yelling at him to not push the lamp off the desk or not jump up and down on the couches. Okay so we did have to tell him a few times but overall he stayed in his little taxi!! Kids are great fun! I never thought I would miss having a couch as much as I have. Oh well, there are worse things. Hope everyone else is enjoying cooler weather, I think Phoenix was even cooler than us today. We were around 107, and thank heaven for air conditioners!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It is HOTT here!

St George i sreally hot. I attempted to go on a walk yeserday at 3pm. I made it around our complex and came home rather promptly. I was sweating buckets by that point. I just have ot tell my self that the summers here aren't nearly as long as the winters in Pocatello. So, soon I will be able to go outside whenever and go for a walk. We do have a pool here but the thought of watching two little kids, of which one I would have to hold the whole time, in the pool by myself is a little too much. AJ likes to see how far he can go out even if it means all you see out of the water is his hands. I am not quite sure if he has even learned how to hold his breath. He has really taken to liking the pool though and for that I am glad, it just means we bribe him to get out of the pool!! Both of my boys right now have really runny noses. I am hoping it goes away soon. I am really worried that Noble has an ear infection but even if he did I would rather wait a week and see if it goes away on its own before I were to give him meds. He doesn't have a fever so that is a good thing. I do think that Noble and I have been passing a yeast infection back and forth. After talking to my mother-in-law about thrush I looked it up and read more about the symptoms. I had already known that it was painful and that the babies usually get white stuff around their mouths so I never thought that was what we had. After reading more about it I think that is what I have been calling my clogged milk ducts. (sorry for anybody who really doesn't want to hear) I would really like to go to the doctors and get this all fixed but it really sucks when you are in between jobs and don't have health insurance. We will in a little while but not now.
Everything else in our life is great. I am starting to make some friends and actually found someone who taught at my husbands high school. She was the speech teacher so you might know her Caranna but she said she remembered Quinten. Small world. Well, off to cute my HOTT husbands hair (Yes I still think he is HOTT)!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St George Utah

We are officially in St George Utah. We have never had an airconditioner and thus did not know it wasn't working right. SO yesterday we had someone come and fix it and teach us a little bit about them. Not really the time of year to have the thing not working either. Well, we are slowly unpacking and getting settled in. My mom has been helping watch the kids so I can unpack. I think unpacking is much more fun than packing and it happens ahole lot quicker. I love the view from my kids' bedroom it is so beautiful. Just so everyone has our new phone number it is 435-773-9855. Well, my baby is waking and i have to go so I will write later.

Monday, August 4, 2008


For all those who do not know we are moving to St George Utah this weekend. Yes, no warning for those who live far away. I myself have only really known for a week and a half. We are well on are way to being totally packed. Our only hang up is selling the house right now. If anybody out there knows anybody who wants to by our house please send them our way. Other than our house, we are totally ready to be gone. If anyone is free this friday we wouldn't mind some help too. We are loading the U-haul friday evening and taking off on Saturday. So long to Pocatello Idaho. Utah here we come. Hope everyone else lives has been less eventful than ours and quit a bit less stressful than mine!! Love all you out there.