Monday, June 30, 2008

The Sick House

Just as a warning, you may want to keep away from our house for a while. Right now we are experiencing a lot of sickness. But you can come at your own risk if you would like. Lets see, since it has been a while I have a lot to share. For me, we have found out that I am lactose intolerant. I am in denial slightly so I had milk in my cereal the other day. While I went on a walk to the farmers market affterwards and ended up makeing a mad dash for the bathrooms. This whole intolerance thing sucks since I burnt cookies last night and they only go good with milk. Well, next is AJ. We took him to urgent care yesterday because he had a fever of 104. By the time the doctor saw him we had been sitting in the air conditioned building for a half hour so his fever went down to 102. Not much better though. They couldn't figure anything out so just said it was some virus and to keep giving him medicine. I think he finall broke his fever at 1am last night. Next is Noble. We think our baby has croupe. He gets this awful cough at night that when he starts into fits I have to hold him up or he stops breathing. The first night this happened I didn't sleep because he would stop breathing a couple times during the night. He seems to be getting better. Last night he was sleeping in his car seat so he could be propped up, and I happened to hear him making lots of noise so I go to look at him and he had flipped himself out of the seat and onto the floor and was playing. I think he likes to be on the ground and playing. Last but not least is my husband who felt sick luckily for only half the day. I made him take a nap and made sure the kids were quite and he felt better after that. Hope fully today is a better day and we all can get feeling better.

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Rachel G said...

Being sick is NO fun, especially when you have to take care of some one else! Are you feeling better? What's new?