Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer days!

The weather has been so nice, a little taste of summer before it drops back down. My boys are both growing and getting smarter all the time. I am really glad AJ has started being able to communicate with us better. It has made somedays better than they used to be. Noble is a giggler, he loves to laugh. He thinks AJ is funny when he starts talking to him. It is really cute. Oh, I taught AJ how to use the hose. He presses the thing and loves to watch the water spray. It is funny cause then he will turn around and say WOW, like 5 times while he is spraying.

Right now my husband is putting in the screens that he made. I went and bought them so that has to count for something! It will be nice to be able to open our windows and keep out the bugs while staying cool this summer. I could always put our air conditioner in the window but I am to cheap and don't want to pay for the electricity to run it. If it gets above 105 then I'll put it in. I survived last summer without it and I was pregnant so we should be good.

Well, not much else. Just staying busy and playing outside any chance we get.

This was Grandpa Waite's birthday present, an updated picture of the boys. The sign AJ is holding says "Happy Birthday Grandpa" but the lighting wasn't so great.

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