Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Time At Last!!

Yeah, it is starting to warm up here. Today we might actually be able to go outside and play. And then again AJ has a fever so maybe not. AJ woke up last night and was burning up. I couldn't get his temp the first time but the thermometer reached 100 in seconds so I knew he had a pretty bad fever. We are just taking tylenol and hoping it will pass. With no other symptoms I have no idea of what to do right now.
Well, after 3 days of mom being sick I finally feel okay and am not spending my days posted near a toilet. I really hope this bug doesn't make its way back through my house.
Noble is doing good. Nothing new there except he slept real good last night. Figures cause his brother didn't, no rest for the weary! Hope everyone else is fairing well.

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