Sunday, March 9, 2008

What time is it?!

So the time change really confuses me because I only remebered to change one clock in our house. Luckily that one clock was the one in our bedroom so we weren't late for church.
AJ is still a little sick but he always seems to hold on to these stomach viruses for a few days.
Noble is doing a little better. I think his cold is starting to go away which has allowed him to eat a little better. He had to 4 1/2 hour blocks of sleep. I feed him in between and was able to go right back to bed. I felt so much better this morning having slept most the night.
SO yesterday was entirely devoted to finishing our laundry room. I was able to help a little too. We mudded holes and chipped off old paint and mudded more. Then Brady textured the walls. It looks so much better textured because it covers the cracks in the plaster. After the texture dried we were able to prime the walls and that is where we are. The next couple days we will be painting the ceiling and molding white and the walls yellow. I am so excited!! I won't be so embarresed to bring people through our back door and into the laundry room. After that room is complete the only major project left is to finish off the basement. This involves redoing plumbing and buying a new furnace. Also putting in more outlets and lights. But hey at least our upstairs is almost done.
Tomorrow is laundry day, as are all Mondays. So if anyone is bored you can stop by, I'll be here all day.

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