Friday, March 7, 2008

What a difference a change makes!

In my last blog I noted that I was trying something new with AJ and doing timeouts. In the past three days we have not had one major tantrum and my husband toldme while I was gone he put him in timeout. The first one in 3 days. AJ seemed to have gotten the message. We still have the beginning of tantrums but I have also tried different approaches with him to understand what he is angry about. Something I learned is that anger is a secondary emotion. You are always angry about something whether it is your tired, emotional, or hungry. So I have learned from this to find out the real reason AJ is starting to get angry and then we don't get into the hard core tantrums. Seems so simple but it has taken me a while to learn this. He really is such a sweet boy. I try and spend my mornings teaching and playing with him as much as he will let me. He likes to run off after a while and take a break so mom doesn't spend every minute with him! Well, last night AJ threw up. I think it was the casserole I made. The onions might not have set right with him cause they didn't set right with me. He seems to be doing better this morning.
Noble still has a cold and can't breath to good while eating. So I am nursing him every hour just cause he can't eat for that long. I feel bad when the little babies get a cold. It is not fair cause they don't understand why they can't breath and are completely uncomfortable. He is doing good otherwise. He coos alot, especially when he is getting ready to spit up, which is a nice warning. He also has become more consitant with rolling from his stomach to his back. SO his tummy time ends up being rather short do to his unwillingness to stay there. He is really cute though.
As for me, I am doing good. With figuring out AJ's triggers to tantrums and being able to deal better with him life has been great. Noble also sleeps through the night better. I would have slept better last night if AJ hadn't of thrown up and I hadn'tstayed awake listening for him to do it again. I am right now trying to make myself feel like I am teaching AJ something. He is behind most of his peers in communication and I am trying to help him. He seems to want to learn a few words but not all of them and has still yet to consitently call me mommy and Brady daddy. I am at a lost for what to do. He not a dumb kid just has chosen not to verbalize things and if anyone has any ideas of how to work with him I wouldn't mind some help. I hope I can figure it out, because it has made me feel a little like I am failing AJ as a mother.
Tell next time.

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Anonymous said...

Saw Sis. Leatham today at the post office and mentioned AJ not talking. She said her youngest was 3 1/2 before talking, so it is not anything to get real worked up over. Just keep working with him and remember your brother had 10 words at 3 years.