Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Try a different View

So for the past couple days I have tried to do different things to deal with my sons tantrums. One, I realized that I thru tantrums when I was young and he at least doesn't hold his breath until he falls over like I did. So, I sat down with my husband and decided to try time outs. Now, we have only been doing this for a couple days but it really has seemed to work. There aren't really any fewer tantrums just that a few have been shorter cause he doesn't like being in the corner and a few have been as long but have at least kept him from throwing things and hitting mom. Life has been a little better since we have started time-outs. AJ has also been really helpful around the house. Picking up toys when he is supposed to and helping load the dishwasher (he even let the dishes stay in instead of taking them all out!). This morning he helped me make apple juice which was kind of fun.
All these fun things AJ gets to do are only when the babyis sleeping. Once he is awake he is attached to me for the rest of the day, no fun for mom. I love the little guy though. He is starting to smile and coo all the time. He does seem to eat a lot though, and sometimes I wish my husband had the equipment to feed him too so I could get a break!
My days have been much better lately. The baby is sleeping more consistently though the night and AJ is getting a little easier to predict. Oh, if anyone has any suggestions on potty training that would be great because AJ is ready for it. The fact he has now figured out how to pull off his diaper and poo on my floor told me he was ready.
Anyways, so when life is hard and you are frustrated with kids just try a different view, then they aren't so bad!
This picture is from my brothers wedding almost a month ago. Noble was 4 weeks old so if I look dishoveled that is why. But don't I have a cute family?!

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Rachel G said...

Cute picture, and I love the name Noble!