Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kids get bigger so fast!

Yesterday was Noble's 2 month check up. It was a good and bad visit. Well, the good part was when he was weighed and everything. He is now 14 lbs. 7 oz and 24 1/2 inches. This means he gained 7 lbs in 2 months. So he is the same weight AJ was at this point. I guess Brady and I only make big kids even if they come smaller. So the good part of this for me was I was worried he wasn't always getting enough to eat because he doesn't nurse real long. But I guess he is fine!! So the bad news. Noble has an ingunial hernia, which we knew but I was just waiting for this visit to talk to the doctor. He told me for this hernia he will need surgery. Not exactly what any mother wants to hear but escpecially about their 2 month old. Needless to say yesterday was not a good day for me. We are going to try and get him into Primary Children's even though they can do it here. I just feel like they would have done more of these surgeries there than they have here, just the same reason I go to a pediatrician, they really know what they are doing. Today I have to call the doctor and tell him that we want primary's and then we will go from there. When I know more I will update.
I am hoping today is better than yesterday. I hope there is no rain so maybe I can send AJ outside for a little while. Well, I am going to post some pictures of my cute boys from Easter Sunday. AJ loves his brother and thinks it is fun to try and hold him.

AJ and Noble chilling out together on the bean bag.
AJ giving Noble a hug.
Noble was done with pictures at this point and I don't think he wanted to be held anymore!

This is AJ on the hunt for easter eggs at grandmas house.

Yeah, Noble found an egg too!!!

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