Thursday, March 13, 2008

I ran away!

So the title is such because when my husband Finally came home tonight I gave him both boys and said I'm leaving. I went out for a couple hours. I got a milk shake and attempted to find something at Ross that I could fit. So apperently if you are nursing there is absolutley nothing you can buy. My chest is to big to fit anything cute and you can't get any of those cute tie shirts cause then you couldn't nurse. I am not quit sure how effective the trip to Ross was in making me feel better. At least I got to listen to my music. While I was driving around tonight I was one fo those people I hate. I had my music loud and my base on. I learned my car has a pretty good system. Anyways, it was nice to listen to my girl power music that I used to listen to all the time until I had kids. Now I listen to Little Einstein and disney songs all day. I think they are starting to make me go nuts. I noticed the other day I was singing one of the Einsteins ditty's without even knowing I was. I felt a little crazy.
Anyways, I am surviving now and hoping that tonight I get more than three hours of sleep.

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