Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mom's can't get sick=(

So this morning was not so good for me. I ended up throwing up but I feel better now. I just think moms should not get sick. As if we don't already have a busy day without having to take care of ourselves. All well. I do feel better now. My boys are being cute today, except for AJ pooing all over his bedroom floor but we are all cleaned up and have moved on to being cute.
I hope someone out there is enjoying warm weather for me because it is cold here still and I am ready for it to be in the 50's at least.
Our update on Noble is that he has an initial appointment with a pediatric surgery on April 9th. So hopefully everything we find out then will just reassure me. Somehow I feel I am still going to have another day where I just cry all day. I am mom and mom really doens't like the idea of my babies having to have surgery so young. I know it will make it better for him but I am still worried. I am just hoping for the best.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kids get bigger so fast!

Yesterday was Noble's 2 month check up. It was a good and bad visit. Well, the good part was when he was weighed and everything. He is now 14 lbs. 7 oz and 24 1/2 inches. This means he gained 7 lbs in 2 months. So he is the same weight AJ was at this point. I guess Brady and I only make big kids even if they come smaller. So the good part of this for me was I was worried he wasn't always getting enough to eat because he doesn't nurse real long. But I guess he is fine!! So the bad news. Noble has an ingunial hernia, which we knew but I was just waiting for this visit to talk to the doctor. He told me for this hernia he will need surgery. Not exactly what any mother wants to hear but escpecially about their 2 month old. Needless to say yesterday was not a good day for me. We are going to try and get him into Primary Children's even though they can do it here. I just feel like they would have done more of these surgeries there than they have here, just the same reason I go to a pediatrician, they really know what they are doing. Today I have to call the doctor and tell him that we want primary's and then we will go from there. When I know more I will update.
I am hoping today is better than yesterday. I hope there is no rain so maybe I can send AJ outside for a little while. Well, I am going to post some pictures of my cute boys from Easter Sunday. AJ loves his brother and thinks it is fun to try and hold him.

AJ and Noble chilling out together on the bean bag.
AJ giving Noble a hug.
Noble was done with pictures at this point and I don't think he wanted to be held anymore!

This is AJ on the hunt for easter eggs at grandmas house.

Yeah, Noble found an egg too!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Just an update

Our family has been keeping busy. Yet it hasn't been anything really big just the usual stuff. St. Patricks day was a few days ago so I thought I would share a few pictures from that and a little video I made of Noble. Noble was being terribly cute that evening and I was trying to get him to say hi to you Grandpa Waite. I thought him saying hi to you would brighten your day! Well, we have really nothing going on. So I'll just post our fun pictures.

This is our Green Eggs and Green toast.

Don't I have some really cute boys.
Here's Noble in his first video.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I ran away!

So the title is such because when my husband Finally came home tonight I gave him both boys and said I'm leaving. I went out for a couple hours. I got a milk shake and attempted to find something at Ross that I could fit. So apperently if you are nursing there is absolutley nothing you can buy. My chest is to big to fit anything cute and you can't get any of those cute tie shirts cause then you couldn't nurse. I am not quit sure how effective the trip to Ross was in making me feel better. At least I got to listen to my music. While I was driving around tonight I was one fo those people I hate. I had my music loud and my base on. I learned my car has a pretty good system. Anyways, it was nice to listen to my girl power music that I used to listen to all the time until I had kids. Now I listen to Little Einstein and disney songs all day. I think they are starting to make me go nuts. I noticed the other day I was singing one of the Einsteins ditty's without even knowing I was. I felt a little crazy.
Anyways, I am surviving now and hoping that tonight I get more than three hours of sleep.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

What time is it?!

So the time change really confuses me because I only remebered to change one clock in our house. Luckily that one clock was the one in our bedroom so we weren't late for church.
AJ is still a little sick but he always seems to hold on to these stomach viruses for a few days.
Noble is doing a little better. I think his cold is starting to go away which has allowed him to eat a little better. He had to 4 1/2 hour blocks of sleep. I feed him in between and was able to go right back to bed. I felt so much better this morning having slept most the night.
SO yesterday was entirely devoted to finishing our laundry room. I was able to help a little too. We mudded holes and chipped off old paint and mudded more. Then Brady textured the walls. It looks so much better textured because it covers the cracks in the plaster. After the texture dried we were able to prime the walls and that is where we are. The next couple days we will be painting the ceiling and molding white and the walls yellow. I am so excited!! I won't be so embarresed to bring people through our back door and into the laundry room. After that room is complete the only major project left is to finish off the basement. This involves redoing plumbing and buying a new furnace. Also putting in more outlets and lights. But hey at least our upstairs is almost done.
Tomorrow is laundry day, as are all Mondays. So if anyone is bored you can stop by, I'll be here all day.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What a difference a change makes!

In my last blog I noted that I was trying something new with AJ and doing timeouts. In the past three days we have not had one major tantrum and my husband toldme while I was gone he put him in timeout. The first one in 3 days. AJ seemed to have gotten the message. We still have the beginning of tantrums but I have also tried different approaches with him to understand what he is angry about. Something I learned is that anger is a secondary emotion. You are always angry about something whether it is your tired, emotional, or hungry. So I have learned from this to find out the real reason AJ is starting to get angry and then we don't get into the hard core tantrums. Seems so simple but it has taken me a while to learn this. He really is such a sweet boy. I try and spend my mornings teaching and playing with him as much as he will let me. He likes to run off after a while and take a break so mom doesn't spend every minute with him! Well, last night AJ threw up. I think it was the casserole I made. The onions might not have set right with him cause they didn't set right with me. He seems to be doing better this morning.
Noble still has a cold and can't breath to good while eating. So I am nursing him every hour just cause he can't eat for that long. I feel bad when the little babies get a cold. It is not fair cause they don't understand why they can't breath and are completely uncomfortable. He is doing good otherwise. He coos alot, especially when he is getting ready to spit up, which is a nice warning. He also has become more consitant with rolling from his stomach to his back. SO his tummy time ends up being rather short do to his unwillingness to stay there. He is really cute though.
As for me, I am doing good. With figuring out AJ's triggers to tantrums and being able to deal better with him life has been great. Noble also sleeps through the night better. I would have slept better last night if AJ hadn't of thrown up and I hadn'tstayed awake listening for him to do it again. I am right now trying to make myself feel like I am teaching AJ something. He is behind most of his peers in communication and I am trying to help him. He seems to want to learn a few words but not all of them and has still yet to consitently call me mommy and Brady daddy. I am at a lost for what to do. He not a dumb kid just has chosen not to verbalize things and if anyone has any ideas of how to work with him I wouldn't mind some help. I hope I can figure it out, because it has made me feel a little like I am failing AJ as a mother.
Tell next time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Try a different View

So for the past couple days I have tried to do different things to deal with my sons tantrums. One, I realized that I thru tantrums when I was young and he at least doesn't hold his breath until he falls over like I did. So, I sat down with my husband and decided to try time outs. Now, we have only been doing this for a couple days but it really has seemed to work. There aren't really any fewer tantrums just that a few have been shorter cause he doesn't like being in the corner and a few have been as long but have at least kept him from throwing things and hitting mom. Life has been a little better since we have started time-outs. AJ has also been really helpful around the house. Picking up toys when he is supposed to and helping load the dishwasher (he even let the dishes stay in instead of taking them all out!). This morning he helped me make apple juice which was kind of fun.
All these fun things AJ gets to do are only when the babyis sleeping. Once he is awake he is attached to me for the rest of the day, no fun for mom. I love the little guy though. He is starting to smile and coo all the time. He does seem to eat a lot though, and sometimes I wish my husband had the equipment to feed him too so I could get a break!
My days have been much better lately. The baby is sleeping more consistently though the night and AJ is getting a little easier to predict. Oh, if anyone has any suggestions on potty training that would be great because AJ is ready for it. The fact he has now figured out how to pull off his diaper and poo on my floor told me he was ready.
Anyways, so when life is hard and you are frustrated with kids just try a different view, then they aren't so bad!
This picture is from my brothers wedding almost a month ago. Noble was 4 weeks old so if I look dishoveled that is why. But don't I have a cute family?!