Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just Another Day

So I thought I would post even though nothing exciting is going on. My dad is in Kuwait and is headed over to Iraq sometime today or tomorrow. I guess that is about all that is happening.
Noble slept for five hours last night without eating though I did have to force him to eat after those five hours so he could have slept longet but I was nervouse about him going so long without eating. It was nice to get that much sleep.
Brady is working on finishing our laundry room. At least all the sheet rock is up so right now we are working on mudding all the cracks and things. I actually got to help because AJ was asleep and I got Noble to sleep for a half hour. I really like helping my husband but I don't get to do it often with two kids. I hope we can fifnish up our laundry room soon so that we can get our basement done. Our basement is going to be the kids play room and there is one room down there that will become my craft room. I have enough stuff to fill the room too so I am excited to be able to work on stuff and not have to pack it up or keep kids from unpluggung the sewing machine. Anyways, I am real excited to have that done but we want to finish most of upstairs first. Oh for all those who didn't know we bought a fixer upper house in May of last year. It has consumed my husbands time most weekends but he has done a good job fixing it up. He is proud of his new fireplace he fixed up and rewiring the house. It is nice to have wires that aren't as old as the house. The house, by the way, was built in 1910. It has what we call character!! i.e. creaky florrboards and cracks in the plaster wall!! We love our house and we do enjoy fixing it up.
Well, I better make lunch because we get to go to Preston today.

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