Friday, February 22, 2008

A Break

So AJ went to grandma and grandpas house for the past two days. We picked him up last night. I realized that it could not come at a better time. All we had been doing was getting frustrated with each other and so there were a lot of tears shed in our house and not a lot of happiness. So while he was gone I was able to remember all the cute things he does instead of yelling at him, which happens almost everyday now.
I was also able to get my taxes done and go to the doctors without having to chase after him, I was actually on time to an appointment for once. Now that he is back, I am hoping that I can kinda start all over with him and we won't start straight into fit throwing. He seems to have hit the terrible twos, since his birthday is on Sunday and he will be turning two I guess that makes sense. Well, we'll see how much this break has helped us all.

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