Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So this blog is full of pictures and they will tell our recent going ons.
First of all we left last Thursday to go to Idaho for a before christmas visit. The day we left we had 3 inches of snow in ST George. Who would have thunk we'd get so much here in southern utah. We got back last night and it is all gone but I thought I would show that we really did get a significant amount of snow here.

So the main reason to go to Idaho was to see Uncle Quinten, Brady's youngest brother. He has been in Germany for the last 2 1/2 almost 3 years. So we were excited to see him. So this is a picture of him with my boys.

While we were in Idaho it snowed like a foot on Saturday and it was the good snow. The kinda of snow you can make a snowman with. SO here is our beautiful snowman and boys.

This is me with the boys outside. It took longer to gather up and dress the boys in the winter clothes than the time we spent outside. But AJ liked, poor Noble was a little mad after a while so I went back inside with him while dad took AJ sleding.

Dad and boys. Noble is covered in snow because dad put him down on walkway to walk and he walked right into a snow bank. He didn't like that so much!

We also went into Pocatello to visit frineds and some family. Here is my brother and his wife with our boys.

Now it is christmas time. AJ had fun opening presents. Noble tried a few and then just wanted to eat. Here is a picture of AJ with his new coloring book. After he opened this we lost him. He had also gotten markers from a cousin so he decided colorig was way more fun than openeing anything else.

Here is Noble and dad. Aren't they cute!

And this is our family christmas morning. I made the pajamas and the shirts say White family Christmas. I think we have a cute family. Our christmas was great. The kids had fun and so did my Brady and I watching the boys have so much fun.

Merry christmas to all and we pray that everyone is doing well.

Monday, December 15, 2008

not really snow=(

So no snow stuck and it only snowed for a half hour. Not fair. The news said it might snow a little today. This morning at 7 my car said it was 29 degrees so their is a chance of it snowing if we actually get a storm. Well, as long as it doesn't snow this weekend when we go to Idaho I will be fine.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Really it is snowing right now in St George. When I got out of the temple it was raining at about 6pm and at 7:30 it is starting to snow. You can see a little on our neighbors red truck but other than that I don't think much will stick. It is still kinda of exciting. Maybe there will be enough for the kids to play in for a few seconds tomorrow morning.
Now I feel ready for christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Family Christmas Letter 2008

Below is our christmas letter. The one we sent out has pictures on it but I can't figure out how this site takes pdf files to upload. Anyways, here is our year in review.

December 2008
Dear family & friends,
The past year has brought many changes for the White family. We’d thought we’d better give you the rundown so you’ll be up to speed on where we’re at and what we’re up to.
Noble Jedediah joined our family on January 11, 2008. He weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 21 ½ inched long. He has grown quickly and has been mostly healthy, aside from developing an inguinal hernia last spring. We took him to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City for surgery in April to have that fixed and he came through the procedure much better then his mother did. He has been crawling for months and is now starting to walk, so of course he gets in to everything and tries to go swimming in the toilet every time we turn our backs long enough. He has a smile that will melt your heart and a squeal that will pop your eardrums. We are happy to have him in our family.
Alan Jay turned two in February and exemplifies the terrible twos. He initially struggled with no longer being the only child, and he still has trouble sharing sometimes, but he is usually a good big brother. He isn’t talking much yet, but surprises us with new words every day. He loves to sing and sometimes we even recognize the songs he’s singing. He has been taking gymnastics and although he has trouble waiting his turn and sitting still, he is fearless and very good at running, jumping, and doing flips.
Brady enjoyed his job at the nursing home in Pocatello, but when the economy started slipping and his monthly bonuses started shrinking, he decided it was time to start looking for something else. He had a few interviews in July and ended up taking a job with Intermountain Healthcare, working as a public relations specialist at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah. He got to work finishing up last minute projects on the house in Pocatello so that it would be ready to sell and the whole family packed up and moved to southern Utah in August. Our house sold within two months and now we’re renting a townhome on the south end of St. George. He kinda misses having a house to work on, but he has been keeping busy building two bookcases and doing other little projects here and there.
Brady loves his new job and the people he is working with. His job responsibilities include writing and producing a weekly employee newsletter, maintaining both an internal and a public website ( if you’re interested in checking it out), and helping develop marketing materials for several departments within the hospital. He’s with a great company with excellent benefits and there are plenty of opportunities for him to move up the ranks.
Annalea has her hands full taking care of two energetic little boys, but she still finds time to bake bread, maintain the household, and learn to play the violin. She is enjoying the mild winter and beautiful scenery in St. George, but is really missing friends and family in Idaho. She is making some new friends, but it is a slow process. She really misses our old house but is glad her husband can spend time with the family on the weekends instead of pounding nails and crawling around in the attic. She misses having a backyard and hopes we can find a place in St. George with a yard before long.
At church, Brady and Anna were both called to be primary teachers for the 5 year-olds within three weeks of coming to our new ward. Being in the primary does make it harder to meet people in the ward but we enjoy our class. While trying to get a room full of youngsters to sit still is challenging, Brady thinks it is a bit easier than being Elder’s Quorum President.
The big move limited our vacationing this summer, but we have tried to visit some local attractions this fall, including Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Kolob Canyon. We also had an unexpected trip to Preston, ID and Vernal, UT in October for Brady’s grandmother’s funeral. Our townhouse is only five miles from Arizona, so we had to head south and visit Brady’s sister Alayna and her family in Phoenix for Thanksgiving. We plan to spend Christmas back in Idaho with family there.
We love you all and wish you the best during these bleak economic times. We’re just a short drive from several national parks and beautiful scenery and the weather is pretty nice around here most of the time, so please feel free to come visit us sometime.
With lots of love,
The Whites

Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What we have been up to!

We haven't really been up to much but I thouight i'd share a little.
AJ's ankle seems to being healing well. He has been putting weight on it again and his limp is going away. He thinks he is totally fine so he tries to jump off of things already. AJ has been really fun lately because he is learning the alphabet and doing quit well. He'll run up to me or dad and ask us to read him whatever letter bookhe picked out and he usually will tell you the letter he grabbed. His favorite is C of course cause it has cookies.
Noble has been getting around quit well. I think he is so cute but I know to enjoy the cuteness now because when he turns 18 months I am expecting a flip flop. And if he doesn't do that then I am okay, but better to be prepared. Anyways, Noble gets into everything but AJ has taken to him getting around on his feet okay. I was afraid AJ would get mad and try to push him over but actually sometimes he seems to encourage him and want him to run around with him. AJ is a good brother and Noble really likes to play with his big brother. I put a video on here of my baby walking around too so everyone can see.

I have been finishing sewing some presents and now I am on to my own project for myself. I am hoping all of the sewing projects will be done before we got to Idaho. I guess I won't hold my breath. I have also been attempting pies. I want the pampered chef deep pie stoneware dish but my husband said I needed to make at least three good pies before he would let me do that. I have never made a homemade pie before. I only ever bought the frozen crusts. So on Sunday I made a pecan pie and a cherry pie. My cherry pie even has stars around the crust. I have 2 pies down and 1 to go. We'll here is my proof with an amazing picture.

My husband has also been kept busy recently. He finished our bookcases in November, but I thought I would share a picture of these amazing bookcases he made for us. They are solid wood and quit heavy. I love them though. I have a lot of books, I even have one more box that would not fit on these bookcases. I have the most amazing husband that is for sure. And I love him and all the amazing things he does for me, including making these awesome bookcases.

I have a christmas letter that I will try and upload latter this week for those I don't have an e-mail or home address for.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a week

The last week was quit fun. First we had AJ's last day of gymnastics. He had lots of fun because there was only 4 other kids there instead of 10, he isn't big on crowds. He really enjoyed the personal time and his dad was also there to do the last class. I think Brady had some fun in the foam pit too.

Then we went to Phoenix on Wednesday. The drive wasn't bad but we did leave 5 am in the morning. It rained the whole way until we hit Phoenix. At least it wasn't snow!! We had alot of fun visitng my sister-in-law and her family. AJ enjoyed having someone to play with, his cousin Zander is 4. Thanksgiving was great. Alayna, my sister-in-law, had planned out when to cook things so that everything ended up being done when we wanted to eat. It was perfect. She also taught me how to make rolls, so maybe my next attempt will be perfect, we'll see!

Brady and I played pinacle every night with Alayna and Brandon, her husband. It was nice to play it while children sleep. Brady and I aren't very good but we did manage to win 3 out of 4 games. I do believe the last time we were there we won also, so next time our luck might run out but hey bring it on!!! Well, The real fun part of the trip was Friday, when AJ and Zander chose not to take their nap and AJ jumped off of Zanders bed and, we are guessing, rolled his ankle. He is not a sissy boy and usually won't complain about being hurt but AJ wouldn't even walk on his ankle and it was slightly swollen. So I took him to an urgent care down there and they took 6 x-rays. All that and they just told me it was sprained. They did put a brace on it. We took him to his pediatrician here today and she said that it will be at least a week before he wants to put any weight on it again. So he crawls around everywhere now. Which is kinda funny because Noble has taken off walking, I think Noble realized now is the safest time to get around without a brother running into him.

We are having fun now and enjoying the christmas season. I am already done with christmas shopping thanks to Alayna and our black friday shopping. Happy holidays to all!

I thought I would share this cute picture of AJ. Doesn't he look like his dad? The coat even has elbow patches!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kids are Cute

So not much has been going on. We took the kids on a hike without the stroller. So Aj was left to wonder and try to follow us and Noble was in the backpack. It was nice to be hiking in red rocks. It was really pretty and AJ enjoyed crawling into the crevesses in the rock and crawling around inside and then trying to find a way out. After the hike we came home and the kids slept for 3 hours, that was the best part.
So yesterday Brady and I sang in the ward choir. One lady I visit teach was sweet enough to watch the kids so that we both sing. When we were starting to sing I could see AJ's head hanging over the pew in front of him and he pointed up at me and said "mommy upstairs", he knows you have to walk up some stairs so anything that has stairs is "upstairs". It was really cute, I think I smiled really big for the rest of the song. AJ usually doesn't care where we are at unless he needs something so it is nice to see that he really does love me.
Noble is cute too. He is going to be walking completely soon. He lets go and walks about 6 steps a couple times a day now. He could do more but he gets a little nervous when his brother comes walking in. He has learned the the higher you are the more it hurts when your brother pushes you!! Noble also likes to yell AJ's name, like when AJ was wondering off to far when we were hiking I started yelling his name and then you can here Noble going "Aj". He is really cute and way to inquisitive gfor his age. I blame that on him being so mobile. I went on a hike the other day with some friends I met and one lady said I had big kids. I guess AJ is still pretty big for his age but I think that Noble is so skinny. He is definetly healty, the boy eats a ton, but he is only like 21 lbs and AJ was a little bit heavier at this AJ. SO I suppose Noble is normal and AJ was really the heavy one. Anyhow, they are both rather cute and I think I'll keep them!!
I hope every ones Thanksgiving is good and that everyone is able to think of all the wonderful things they are thankful for.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to think

So I thought I would share my thoughts.
I went to stake conference yesterday. While I was sitting there I was thinking about some of AJ's character traits or personality that seems to drive me nuts. Ironically any one who knows my son well and me knows that the poor kid has inherited much of my temperment and personality. The one trait that always sticks out to me is his stubborness. Sometimes, okay all the time, it is really hard to deal with. He just doesn't get it, somethings just don't work the way you want it to, I still don't get it I guess!! Anyways, I thought that his stubborness could actually be such a wonderful trait to have. It is obvious that these are the last days. When I was growing up it was much more difficult than when my parents were growing up and to think that it is even going to be worse for my kids some times scares me. I got to thinking that his stubborness could just be one of those traits that will keep him on the straight and narrow later in life, as long as we teach him right. I guess all this pondering just put me in a new perspective of his traits that reek havoc on my sanity some days. I really can look at my own life and see were my persistance and stubborness has kept me making right descisions. I guess he might turn out okay after all.

So my next thought while sitting there was how much the Lord has blessed me and my family. Sometimes people forget to put credit where credit is due. Thus I am going to tell all of you that we have not had all these wonderful things happen to us recently because we are amazing but because we trusted in our Lord and followed what he wanted us to do. Even though it was hard, didn't entirely make sense, and left us wondering for a while.
When we moved we left our house in Idaho unsold and moved to Utah knowing full well that we would not be able to afford making rent and a mortgage. Now most people would have stayed until their house sold and tried to get the new job to wait a month or so. We opted not to do this. The reason was because we took our matter to the Lord, we prayed about the job and whether we should move and what not. Leaving out most the details I can tell you without a doubt that moving without our house sold and starting the job right away was what the Lord wanted. Was it easy? Are you kidding, I left my house unsold and didn't know if I would be able to feed my family! But my husband and I knew we would be taken care of by the Lord if and only if we followed what he had guided us to do. So we packed up and left, house unsold. Long story short, after a little less than 2 months we signed papers and sold our house, even with a little profit which is amazing in this economy. We never went hungry, we paid all our bills, and still had fun. I am not writing this to show how good we are for following what the Lord said but to share my testimony of personal revelation. The Lord speaks to each of us and has a plan for each of us. For whatever reason this is where the Lord wants us now. I know that if everyone prayed ernestly about what the Lord wanted them to do and honestly followed what the Lord guided them to do, that in the end, they would be so much better off.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life in the White House

So there is really nothing exciting going on. Noble can climb all the way up the stairs if someone leaves the gate open. A little surprise for me when I was trying to finish getting ready upstairs and AJ left the gate open downstairs next I knew Noble was half way up the stairs. Crazy kid can do way to much for 10 months old! AJ is getting better at talking. He is pretty much making 2 word phrases all the time and we are now working on 3 words, which is getting better at too. Life has been pretty good with these kids. AJ is getting better at learning what it means to wait his turn. In gymnastics we have to wait all the time for the next event because some kids are faster or slower than others. So we have learned to stand and count. He can now count to five. This is great but now when I am playing the piano sometimes I can hear him counting waiting for him to have his turn, pretty cute, I guess I can't turn him down to play the piano because he has been really nice about waiting.
As for me, I had a littl eclass at church about how this whole couponing thing works. Now it seems simple that you just use the coupons whenever you need them, but they explained that you can doublke up coupons if one is a store coupon and the other a manufacture coupon. Also if Albertson's is having a sale and you have soupons for things they have on sale it can really cut costs. So I got some frozen vegetable boxes for 50 cents because I had a coupon on top of their deal. Albertsons also ahd a thing if you bought $30 of certain items, which I had coupons for, you get $15 to spend there next time. So because the $30 is before coupons I actually only paid $26 after taxes and still got $15 back. Which I used yesterday on meat since it was on sale, getting 4 lbs ground beef and 3 pounds ribs and 1 soda because I deserved it, for $1.01. I feel like I am doing okay. It is true sometimes that you can get the store brand cheaper but if you have a coupon and it is on sale at the store I am willing to bet that it is then cheaper than the generic. My best find was yesterday I got cearel at Walgreens, yes Walgreens, for $1.50 a box plus I got $2 to spend the next time I got there. The boxess were on sale and I had a dollar of coupon. The $2 deal was if I bought 4 boxes and I had 4 coupons so it works out that really I only paid $1 a box. Well, anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful November and has excellent plans for Thanksgiving. We are going to Phoenix to visit my sister-in-laws family. We are excited to see them and have a little vacation.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What Happened to Thanksgiving!!?

So my question for tonight is what happened to thanksgiving? Really, we went to the store tonight and they were getting rid of all the halloween stuff and were playing christmas music and had christmas trees up and santa out, the whole works. I am not against the christmas music but come on people decorate a little for thanksgiving.

I am not a huge fan of halloween, if it disappeared off of our holiday list I wouldn't care to much, though I would miss the pumpkin seeds. It is thanksgiving that I love the most. As a kid that is when we would really try to get together as family. And it was also when I could eat some really good food, stuff I don't remember getting for the rest of the year (love you mom). So I am totally looking forward to greenbean casserole, some homemade stuffing and some cherry pie (because I don't like pumpkin pie).

Anyways, our halloween. It was fun. On thursday our ward had a chili cook off. I am proud to say that I won the best vegetarian chili, though I wonder if mine was the only one entered. AJ played some games around the church and then enjoyed his first halloween he understood, last year he didn't get the whole open the bag and keep the candy in the bag thing. On thursday we all dressed up as a bunch of farmers. I found out that I still fit my overalls that I got my freshman year of high school, even after two kids. I felt pretty good.

Then on halloween AJ dressed up as a fix it man. I wanted him to go as that to the ward party but I was worried he might lose all his toys. He was really cute. We just went to a few houses in our neighborhood and went home, which was fine with AJ cause he spent the rest of the night trying to eat all his candy. I caught on and we sent him to bed. Brady and I watched the new Indiana Jones movie, I guess not much of a halloween movie but we liked it.

Today Brady has been working on our bookcases all day. All thats left is to sand one and stain them. They look amazing, I have such a talented husband, and really cute kids. Which Noble took two continuos steps today, he fell on the third. He is so cute. He says dada when dad comes home and now claps when he wants more food (he hasn't gotten the closed hand for more so he just claps). He can also repeat his name sometimes. Dad called his name from another room and Noble looked at me and said his name, he is sooooo cute.

I found out that my best frined from college had her little girl last night and then my best friend from high school had her little boy 2 weeks ago. Isn't it so excited to hear from friends that they are having babies too? Maybe I am just weird but I was really excited for them, or maybe it is just now we have that much more in common! Well, that is all our news. Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween.
Mr. Fix-It wanting the trick-or-treaters candy.

He is so cute, he really does try to use his tools to help dad fix things.

These our my farmer boys, AJ has left over chili on his shirt.

These pumpkins are supposed to represent the kids, though neither one wanted to help. AJ found the remote and watch the disney channel, and Noble wanted to eat the insides to we just kept him busy with gold fish crackers.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Trip

We took a quick trip today to Kolob and Cedar Breaks. It was fun and since they are close to home it didn't take all day and we were back in time for afternoon naps. I thought I would share some pictures.
The first two are at Kolob and the last two are at Cedar Breaks. Both gorgeous places to visit if you ever have the chance.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Update

I realized it had been a while since I had updated so I finally do have a few things to write. Starting today. The boys had their doctors appt. with their new pediatrician. The joy of moving is you have to go back through the search of finding people you like. Luckily I liked our doctor so I don't have to look for that anymore. Noble was 29 inches tall and weighed 20.5 lbs. AJ was 36 lbs. I don't think AJ has gained any weight for a while and Noble only gained 1 pound from his 6 month to his 9 month check up. I gues they are both slowing down in growing.
A couple weeks ago our family went on a fun trip to Idaho and then to Vernal Utah. The reason was for Brady's grandmas funeral. It was one of those funerals that wasn't really sad cause grandma was 98 years old and had been in bad health for years. It was more of a remembrance of her long life. I learned alot about her at the funerals and felt like she must have been a really fun and interesting person to be around. I guess I'll get to know her better after I die, which won't be for a very long time!

So I guess not much else has gone on. This weekend we plan on going to Kolob. We want to see a few more sites before it starts snowing more in those areas.

Oh so the exciting news is that we sold our house. It was all official October 6th. We didn'tmake much money off of it but we were glad it sold and to be done with that chapter of our life. Now it feels like we can move on into the next chapter and enjoy our time here in Utah.
This is a pic of AJ in Preston having fun with the leaves.

The kids were bored waiting inside during the viewing so they all went outside. I think the boys decided to make me their leaf pile. It was kind of funny.This is our family. We took this one in vernal.This is Noble. He is just so cute.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zion is Gorgeous

Yesterday we made a family trip to Zion National Park. Zion is only about 45 minutes away from where we live so it was a nice break without a long drive. Mom knew we couldn't stay past 2 because nap times were around there and sure enough, we were on the bus back to our car and the fits began. But I do consider that normal and a minor detail in our exciting trip. So I will just post pictures so you can see instead of read.

Here are my boys getting ready to ride the bus through the park.
AJ was so excited to be out in an open area. We ate lunch at the Grotto and he seemed to like to run around and play with sticks there, not much eating was done.I thought this picture of Noble was kind of funny. He seemed to like to be in the backpack most of the time though.Dad, who actually wanted to eat and not run around. Here is Brady and Noble hiding under the bus stop. It had started raining while we were eatin glunch and we weren't sure how it was going to turn out. It ended up rainging for only a few minutes and was actually pretty light. We just couldn't tell due to the gorgeous rock formations in the way.This is my favorite picture. This is the view from weeping rock. It just doesn't get much better than this.Just so you know, AJ was totally falling out of my arms. But this is our family pic.
This is me at weeping rock. Isn't it gorgeous (the rock of course)?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Lonely without my better half=(

My husband is on his retreat and will be back tomorrow around the normal time he gets home everyday. I think I learn to appreciate all the things he helps me with when he is gone. Like getting the kids up in the morning. I am so not a morning person. I like it when after I feed the baby he takes him downstairs to play while I get myself ready and then I get the oldest up and we go have breakfast as a fam. Well since dad wasn't here, I tried getting ready with my baby but he just wanted to nurse more instead of play, I think he needs to leave the room to have something else on his mind. AJ got up okay but wasn't to interested in eating and we totally forgot to read scriptures and say prayer this morning all because dad was gone. I am so glad I have a wonderful husband who helps keep us in order in our house.
Today wasn't all bad, the kids went to bad rather nicely. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I am going to take them to the dinosaur farm and hopefully that will fill up part of our day so it won't seem so long. Maybe we'll have a picnic too because it is finally cooling down a bit. I just wish they had more trees here to find shade under, oh well.

So, we are looking at new tvs and I was wondering if anybody had suggestions on what they have whether you like it or not. We are looking at either a 27" or a 32", anything bigger than that is to big. Heck, that is way bigger than our 14" which is even smaller when you watch those widescreen movies. Well, I wouldn't mind some input if anybody had some.

So this is our new home. It is definetly different renting and not owning our own home anymore. There is the advantage of not having to fix everything, we call someone to do that. Yet there is the many design flaws in this place that I would love to rip out and redo, don't get me started on how unintelligent this person was when they designed our "walk-in closet". Well, none the less it is our home and we love it here.

This pic is from our trip to Cedar City Labor day weekend. I hardly ever get a picture with my boys cause I am always taking it so Brady was kind enough to take one of me to prove that these our my children, not the stretch marks are proof enough!

I think we need to work on that picture taking thing. Neither one of them really seem to get the whole smile for the camera, it usually comes after the flash. Weird!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bank Fraud

BEWARE, we just had a bank statement come from my husbands bank and it had a charge of 9.70 that I knew he had not made. The company is Image Company out of NJ and the phone number for the place is 1-888-329-3564. Watch out it is a fraud.
Keep a close eye on your accounts. It is debted so the bank usually will not refund it. I guess I am supposed to keep track of my husbands account not too. I had assumed he checked on line occassionally but I guess not.
Just everyone watch out. I know someone else that had this happen to them so I know we are not the first nor are we going to be the last.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Darn construcition road and tires

So we now have one complete flat tire which we had to change today while on our drive in Santa Clara. Our other car has a slow leak in it, figured that out when we were in Cedar City on Saturday. So we believe that these problems are caused by the road they are tearing apart that goes to the freeway. We now will not take that road anymore. Hopefully our tires are still good and only need patching.
Well, we were in Santa Clara today because yesterday they did an unveiling of statues of my ancestors. They had the old Utah governor Mike Leavitt talk at it beacuse he is also a descendant. I think it is fun to go and learn about the people who came before us. Especially those who are the first to areas and have to settle them on their own. It was neat seeing the statues and reading stories about the people. Some of the stories I had heard which makes me feel good that I can remember a few stories that my grandma has told me. It is such a wonderful oppurtunity for me to live here in St George now because there is a ton of family history. From the builing of the temple to the settling of towns it is amazing to hear and see what my ancestors did then and now to see what the towns have grown into. I am so excited to learn more.
Oh, just so those who were following I took some diflucan for my infection and they gave me nystatin cream to put directly on the problem. Some of the burning has gone away, but I figure it might take a couple weeks for the cream to get rid of all the readness but I hope the diflucan got rid of the rest.
Brady wanted me to tell all that we had a light bulb explode in our family room. Never heard nor seen such a thing, have any of you? Hopefully it won't happen again because we have a 7 month old who believes everything goes in his mouth and a two year old who would have used it to possibly beat up his brother (having issues with pushing from older brother). Anyways, I have to finish making my bread, hope all is well with everyone else.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just one of those days.

It was just one of those days for me. Those days were you can't seem to be happy and everything that can cause stress in your life weighs down on your shoulders like a ton of bricks. I feel bad for my kids when I am like that. Noble cried most the day, though I think he is teething cause he has cried all week and has driven me nuts. AJ just kinda did his own thing today. He is getting pretty good and knowing which days are better to leave mom alone. I think he was tipped off on that when mom started crying today for no reason, well there was a reason but I am not going to write it here. Anyways, this evening Brady and I, and the kids of course, went to look for a couch. We need one and can afford one once our house sells! Well, we went to this totally awesome store that had a tv with cartoons on and toys for AJ and when we walked around they had those car carts they have at the mall for the kids, and they were free to use. AJ loved it and we didn't have to keep yelling at him to not push the lamp off the desk or not jump up and down on the couches. Okay so we did have to tell him a few times but overall he stayed in his little taxi!! Kids are great fun! I never thought I would miss having a couch as much as I have. Oh well, there are worse things. Hope everyone else is enjoying cooler weather, I think Phoenix was even cooler than us today. We were around 107, and thank heaven for air conditioners!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It is HOTT here!

St George i sreally hot. I attempted to go on a walk yeserday at 3pm. I made it around our complex and came home rather promptly. I was sweating buckets by that point. I just have ot tell my self that the summers here aren't nearly as long as the winters in Pocatello. So, soon I will be able to go outside whenever and go for a walk. We do have a pool here but the thought of watching two little kids, of which one I would have to hold the whole time, in the pool by myself is a little too much. AJ likes to see how far he can go out even if it means all you see out of the water is his hands. I am not quite sure if he has even learned how to hold his breath. He has really taken to liking the pool though and for that I am glad, it just means we bribe him to get out of the pool!! Both of my boys right now have really runny noses. I am hoping it goes away soon. I am really worried that Noble has an ear infection but even if he did I would rather wait a week and see if it goes away on its own before I were to give him meds. He doesn't have a fever so that is a good thing. I do think that Noble and I have been passing a yeast infection back and forth. After talking to my mother-in-law about thrush I looked it up and read more about the symptoms. I had already known that it was painful and that the babies usually get white stuff around their mouths so I never thought that was what we had. After reading more about it I think that is what I have been calling my clogged milk ducts. (sorry for anybody who really doesn't want to hear) I would really like to go to the doctors and get this all fixed but it really sucks when you are in between jobs and don't have health insurance. We will in a little while but not now.
Everything else in our life is great. I am starting to make some friends and actually found someone who taught at my husbands high school. She was the speech teacher so you might know her Caranna but she said she remembered Quinten. Small world. Well, off to cute my HOTT husbands hair (Yes I still think he is HOTT)!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St George Utah

We are officially in St George Utah. We have never had an airconditioner and thus did not know it wasn't working right. SO yesterday we had someone come and fix it and teach us a little bit about them. Not really the time of year to have the thing not working either. Well, we are slowly unpacking and getting settled in. My mom has been helping watch the kids so I can unpack. I think unpacking is much more fun than packing and it happens ahole lot quicker. I love the view from my kids' bedroom it is so beautiful. Just so everyone has our new phone number it is 435-773-9855. Well, my baby is waking and i have to go so I will write later.

Monday, August 4, 2008


For all those who do not know we are moving to St George Utah this weekend. Yes, no warning for those who live far away. I myself have only really known for a week and a half. We are well on are way to being totally packed. Our only hang up is selling the house right now. If anybody out there knows anybody who wants to by our house please send them our way. Other than our house, we are totally ready to be gone. If anyone is free this friday we wouldn't mind some help too. We are loading the U-haul friday evening and taking off on Saturday. So long to Pocatello Idaho. Utah here we come. Hope everyone else lives has been less eventful than ours and quit a bit less stressful than mine!! Love all you out there.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Sick House

Just as a warning, you may want to keep away from our house for a while. Right now we are experiencing a lot of sickness. But you can come at your own risk if you would like. Lets see, since it has been a while I have a lot to share. For me, we have found out that I am lactose intolerant. I am in denial slightly so I had milk in my cereal the other day. While I went on a walk to the farmers market affterwards and ended up makeing a mad dash for the bathrooms. This whole intolerance thing sucks since I burnt cookies last night and they only go good with milk. Well, next is AJ. We took him to urgent care yesterday because he had a fever of 104. By the time the doctor saw him we had been sitting in the air conditioned building for a half hour so his fever went down to 102. Not much better though. They couldn't figure anything out so just said it was some virus and to keep giving him medicine. I think he finall broke his fever at 1am last night. Next is Noble. We think our baby has croupe. He gets this awful cough at night that when he starts into fits I have to hold him up or he stops breathing. The first night this happened I didn't sleep because he would stop breathing a couple times during the night. He seems to be getting better. Last night he was sleeping in his car seat so he could be propped up, and I happened to hear him making lots of noise so I go to look at him and he had flipped himself out of the seat and onto the floor and was playing. I think he likes to be on the ground and playing. Last but not least is my husband who felt sick luckily for only half the day. I made him take a nap and made sure the kids were quite and he felt better after that. Hope fully today is a better day and we all can get feeling better.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer days!

The weather has been so nice, a little taste of summer before it drops back down. My boys are both growing and getting smarter all the time. I am really glad AJ has started being able to communicate with us better. It has made somedays better than they used to be. Noble is a giggler, he loves to laugh. He thinks AJ is funny when he starts talking to him. It is really cute. Oh, I taught AJ how to use the hose. He presses the thing and loves to watch the water spray. It is funny cause then he will turn around and say WOW, like 5 times while he is spraying.

Right now my husband is putting in the screens that he made. I went and bought them so that has to count for something! It will be nice to be able to open our windows and keep out the bugs while staying cool this summer. I could always put our air conditioner in the window but I am to cheap and don't want to pay for the electricity to run it. If it gets above 105 then I'll put it in. I survived last summer without it and I was pregnant so we should be good.

Well, not much else. Just staying busy and playing outside any chance we get.

This was Grandpa Waite's birthday present, an updated picture of the boys. The sign AJ is holding says "Happy Birthday Grandpa" but the lighting wasn't so great.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally an Update!

Sorry it has been so long. Alot has gone on since last time. Noble had his surgery. It went great. I almost passed out afterwards but hey I don't do well with other peoples blood. His iv popped out so I was getting faint. Anyways, he is doing better now and his hernia is gone. He had his doctors appointment today and he weighs 17 lbs 7oz and is 26 1/2 inches at 4 months old. I guess I can only make big kids!! He started solids tonight, not exactly a success but he'll get it down. AJ is increasing his vocabulary everyday. It is great to see such growth. Today he even tried saying prayer for family home evening. All we understood was thank you and amen. It is a start at least.
I have been up to a lot. For some reason lately I have been feeling rather domestic. As in, I am making our own laundry soap, way cheaper and better than the stuff I buy. I do cloth diapers, I am finding ways to freeze and can my produce from our vegetable garden (which we hope succeeds this year). By the way, our vegetable garden will never happen if it NEVER STOPS SNOWING. Do I seem a little irate, well I am. This is mid May and it snowed today. I was at an appointment with my boys. None of us had sweaters, we all were wearing sandels, t-shirts and shorts. I hate Idaho right now. I don't think i will ever get used to the fact that the weather can be beautiful one day and freezing the next. Well anyways. I am happy otherwise. On Saturday we had a little party to celebrate having closed on our house one year ago. Everyone who helped was invited. Our house is still a work in progress but is so much better than what it was a year ago. I love my house and especially my kitchen. Anyways, hope everyone is doing great. I think we are all doing good here, just prayin for some warmth.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Primary Children's Hospital is great!

We went to Primary's yesterday for Noble. The doctor wasn't even in there for more than 5 minutes but told us it was a hernia and told us a little about the surgery. He was really nice. I was most impressed with the facility. Of course the hospital is totally for children but I wasn't expecting it to have murals on the wall everywhere and in the waiting room they had little cars to drive and toys on the wall. It was great. It was the first time I think my husband and I had a hard time taking AJ out of a waiting room. Usually he wants to get out of places and move to the next. Anyways, everything went great. We have our surgery planned for April 21st. We have to get to the hospital around 6am. That is right, I actually have to wake up early in the morning to get him there. My only trouble is they want him to fast. I have to stop feeding him about 2am and then I can feed him water up to 2 hours before the surgery. This will be interesting considering my boy eats all the time. They did say that I will be able to take him home the same day which is one less thing I have to worry about. I am a little bit less scared about it all after going but it is still my baby having surgery, nothing will make knowing that less scary.
AJ is doing good and mom is holding together. Hopefully soon the weather will warm up so I can take this boy to the playground and run him tired!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Time At Last!!

Yeah, it is starting to warm up here. Today we might actually be able to go outside and play. And then again AJ has a fever so maybe not. AJ woke up last night and was burning up. I couldn't get his temp the first time but the thermometer reached 100 in seconds so I knew he had a pretty bad fever. We are just taking tylenol and hoping it will pass. With no other symptoms I have no idea of what to do right now.
Well, after 3 days of mom being sick I finally feel okay and am not spending my days posted near a toilet. I really hope this bug doesn't make its way back through my house.
Noble is doing good. Nothing new there except he slept real good last night. Figures cause his brother didn't, no rest for the weary! Hope everyone else is fairing well.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mom's can't get sick=(

So this morning was not so good for me. I ended up throwing up but I feel better now. I just think moms should not get sick. As if we don't already have a busy day without having to take care of ourselves. All well. I do feel better now. My boys are being cute today, except for AJ pooing all over his bedroom floor but we are all cleaned up and have moved on to being cute.
I hope someone out there is enjoying warm weather for me because it is cold here still and I am ready for it to be in the 50's at least.
Our update on Noble is that he has an initial appointment with a pediatric surgery on April 9th. So hopefully everything we find out then will just reassure me. Somehow I feel I am still going to have another day where I just cry all day. I am mom and mom really doens't like the idea of my babies having to have surgery so young. I know it will make it better for him but I am still worried. I am just hoping for the best.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kids get bigger so fast!

Yesterday was Noble's 2 month check up. It was a good and bad visit. Well, the good part was when he was weighed and everything. He is now 14 lbs. 7 oz and 24 1/2 inches. This means he gained 7 lbs in 2 months. So he is the same weight AJ was at this point. I guess Brady and I only make big kids even if they come smaller. So the good part of this for me was I was worried he wasn't always getting enough to eat because he doesn't nurse real long. But I guess he is fine!! So the bad news. Noble has an ingunial hernia, which we knew but I was just waiting for this visit to talk to the doctor. He told me for this hernia he will need surgery. Not exactly what any mother wants to hear but escpecially about their 2 month old. Needless to say yesterday was not a good day for me. We are going to try and get him into Primary Children's even though they can do it here. I just feel like they would have done more of these surgeries there than they have here, just the same reason I go to a pediatrician, they really know what they are doing. Today I have to call the doctor and tell him that we want primary's and then we will go from there. When I know more I will update.
I am hoping today is better than yesterday. I hope there is no rain so maybe I can send AJ outside for a little while. Well, I am going to post some pictures of my cute boys from Easter Sunday. AJ loves his brother and thinks it is fun to try and hold him.

AJ and Noble chilling out together on the bean bag.
AJ giving Noble a hug.
Noble was done with pictures at this point and I don't think he wanted to be held anymore!

This is AJ on the hunt for easter eggs at grandmas house.

Yeah, Noble found an egg too!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Just an update

Our family has been keeping busy. Yet it hasn't been anything really big just the usual stuff. St. Patricks day was a few days ago so I thought I would share a few pictures from that and a little video I made of Noble. Noble was being terribly cute that evening and I was trying to get him to say hi to you Grandpa Waite. I thought him saying hi to you would brighten your day! Well, we have really nothing going on. So I'll just post our fun pictures.

This is our Green Eggs and Green toast.

Don't I have some really cute boys.
Here's Noble in his first video.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I ran away!

So the title is such because when my husband Finally came home tonight I gave him both boys and said I'm leaving. I went out for a couple hours. I got a milk shake and attempted to find something at Ross that I could fit. So apperently if you are nursing there is absolutley nothing you can buy. My chest is to big to fit anything cute and you can't get any of those cute tie shirts cause then you couldn't nurse. I am not quit sure how effective the trip to Ross was in making me feel better. At least I got to listen to my music. While I was driving around tonight I was one fo those people I hate. I had my music loud and my base on. I learned my car has a pretty good system. Anyways, it was nice to listen to my girl power music that I used to listen to all the time until I had kids. Now I listen to Little Einstein and disney songs all day. I think they are starting to make me go nuts. I noticed the other day I was singing one of the Einsteins ditty's without even knowing I was. I felt a little crazy.
Anyways, I am surviving now and hoping that tonight I get more than three hours of sleep.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

What time is it?!

So the time change really confuses me because I only remebered to change one clock in our house. Luckily that one clock was the one in our bedroom so we weren't late for church.
AJ is still a little sick but he always seems to hold on to these stomach viruses for a few days.
Noble is doing a little better. I think his cold is starting to go away which has allowed him to eat a little better. He had to 4 1/2 hour blocks of sleep. I feed him in between and was able to go right back to bed. I felt so much better this morning having slept most the night.
SO yesterday was entirely devoted to finishing our laundry room. I was able to help a little too. We mudded holes and chipped off old paint and mudded more. Then Brady textured the walls. It looks so much better textured because it covers the cracks in the plaster. After the texture dried we were able to prime the walls and that is where we are. The next couple days we will be painting the ceiling and molding white and the walls yellow. I am so excited!! I won't be so embarresed to bring people through our back door and into the laundry room. After that room is complete the only major project left is to finish off the basement. This involves redoing plumbing and buying a new furnace. Also putting in more outlets and lights. But hey at least our upstairs is almost done.
Tomorrow is laundry day, as are all Mondays. So if anyone is bored you can stop by, I'll be here all day.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What a difference a change makes!

In my last blog I noted that I was trying something new with AJ and doing timeouts. In the past three days we have not had one major tantrum and my husband toldme while I was gone he put him in timeout. The first one in 3 days. AJ seemed to have gotten the message. We still have the beginning of tantrums but I have also tried different approaches with him to understand what he is angry about. Something I learned is that anger is a secondary emotion. You are always angry about something whether it is your tired, emotional, or hungry. So I have learned from this to find out the real reason AJ is starting to get angry and then we don't get into the hard core tantrums. Seems so simple but it has taken me a while to learn this. He really is such a sweet boy. I try and spend my mornings teaching and playing with him as much as he will let me. He likes to run off after a while and take a break so mom doesn't spend every minute with him! Well, last night AJ threw up. I think it was the casserole I made. The onions might not have set right with him cause they didn't set right with me. He seems to be doing better this morning.
Noble still has a cold and can't breath to good while eating. So I am nursing him every hour just cause he can't eat for that long. I feel bad when the little babies get a cold. It is not fair cause they don't understand why they can't breath and are completely uncomfortable. He is doing good otherwise. He coos alot, especially when he is getting ready to spit up, which is a nice warning. He also has become more consitant with rolling from his stomach to his back. SO his tummy time ends up being rather short do to his unwillingness to stay there. He is really cute though.
As for me, I am doing good. With figuring out AJ's triggers to tantrums and being able to deal better with him life has been great. Noble also sleeps through the night better. I would have slept better last night if AJ hadn't of thrown up and I hadn'tstayed awake listening for him to do it again. I am right now trying to make myself feel like I am teaching AJ something. He is behind most of his peers in communication and I am trying to help him. He seems to want to learn a few words but not all of them and has still yet to consitently call me mommy and Brady daddy. I am at a lost for what to do. He not a dumb kid just has chosen not to verbalize things and if anyone has any ideas of how to work with him I wouldn't mind some help. I hope I can figure it out, because it has made me feel a little like I am failing AJ as a mother.
Tell next time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Try a different View

So for the past couple days I have tried to do different things to deal with my sons tantrums. One, I realized that I thru tantrums when I was young and he at least doesn't hold his breath until he falls over like I did. So, I sat down with my husband and decided to try time outs. Now, we have only been doing this for a couple days but it really has seemed to work. There aren't really any fewer tantrums just that a few have been shorter cause he doesn't like being in the corner and a few have been as long but have at least kept him from throwing things and hitting mom. Life has been a little better since we have started time-outs. AJ has also been really helpful around the house. Picking up toys when he is supposed to and helping load the dishwasher (he even let the dishes stay in instead of taking them all out!). This morning he helped me make apple juice which was kind of fun.
All these fun things AJ gets to do are only when the babyis sleeping. Once he is awake he is attached to me for the rest of the day, no fun for mom. I love the little guy though. He is starting to smile and coo all the time. He does seem to eat a lot though, and sometimes I wish my husband had the equipment to feed him too so I could get a break!
My days have been much better lately. The baby is sleeping more consistently though the night and AJ is getting a little easier to predict. Oh, if anyone has any suggestions on potty training that would be great because AJ is ready for it. The fact he has now figured out how to pull off his diaper and poo on my floor told me he was ready.
Anyways, so when life is hard and you are frustrated with kids just try a different view, then they aren't so bad!
This picture is from my brothers wedding almost a month ago. Noble was 4 weeks old so if I look dishoveled that is why. But don't I have a cute family?!